What a dill

I feel like a bit of a dill at the moment. Our keyboard was getting stuck on the delete button, (no doubt thanks to food dropped) therefore sending all my emails to the deleted items bin. That was ok til I realised that all the emails that I had saved to read later had disappeared. All the unread crap was still in the deleted items folder but anything that I had read was gone. Not in the deleted items, not in the recycle bin, just not there. The annoying thing was that they were the emails that I wanted to keep. I got home today and it happened again. I called our computer guy and he had this new wiz bang way of looking at my computer via his. We went through things with him sending me an email. After looking on something else I said to him “See, that email’s gone now too.” I’m sure I heard him laughing under his breath as he suggested I go to the drop down menu on the right of the screen. It has the options to “show all messages” and “hide all read messages.” Hmmmm somebody’s been clicking on my inbox! I was so glad I hadn’t gotten him out to the house.

Beth amazes me. She can change things on the computer like this without fully mucking it up. Maybe she does it just to mess with my head! She changes the screen saver constantly, here and at her grandparents house. She fixed the heater in my car the other day. I have to stop myself at times when she’s ‘playing’ with something broken as she’s often showing me how to fix it. I’d love to be in her mind sometimes. I think it’d be scary, overwhelming, loud. I also think that with certain things there would be an amazing clarity, knowing that what she thought was spot on.

We’ve had lots of problems going to school this week. Every morning it’s a battle to get her out of bed. Twice she’s gone back to bed after breakfast. I’ve come out with her clothes and she’s snuck back in. She seems to be enjoying school but she clearly loves being at home with me more. I guess it’s a compliment but it drives me batty at the moment. It’s hard to tell whether she’s genuinely sick at times and can often only base my decision on how many weetbix she has consumed. Usually it’s 6!

We had swimming last night. Once again Beth responded well to Paton. Paton has changed her name from Caprice and it’s almost a weekly joke as I tell Beth to say goodbye to Paton. She smirks and waves “Goodbye Caprice!” Last night it was with an accent. “Adios Caprrrrice” as she rolled her ‘R’s. Paton is so good with her. I noticed last night how excited Beth was. Paton would be in the middle of saying something and Beth would just leap in the air and spin around, spraying water everywhere. Paton would wait patiently and continue her sentence. Bill came with me last night and commented on how well Beth is doing, he hasn’t watched her swim in ages. She seems to be really ‘getting’ it.

Not sure what this weekend holds. Paul is sailing all weekend so I think we’re going to all go and watch him on Sunday. Have a good weekend everybody! xxx

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