Always good for a giggle

Just had to share this one with you all as I do believe that at times Beth makes me laugh more than anybody else I know!

We were at school assembly this morning and Beth received a certificate for excellent work on her volcano poem. This was fabulous because earlier in the week she came home with a sticker saying it was the Principal’s award for doing her rainbow words so well, she showed me this work and yes, she had formed the letters really well, I was very happy with her. She’s clearly concentrating better in class and knuckling down to her work better.

Anyway, off she goes up to the front of assembly and Tanya says how well Beth has done but jokes that she needs to stop growing! She is now clearly taller than Tanya so we all had a bit of a chuckle at this. As Tanya was getting ready to read the other kids out who had the student of the week awards Beth starts to peer over her shoulder to see who is next. In good humour, Tanya gently pushed Beth away so that she could get to the next person. But Beth is so tall that she kept coming back and towering over Tanya’s shoulder trying to get a look! By the end of assembly poor Tanya almost had to have the certificates bent the other way around to try and stop Beth from reading them out. It was so funny, I was trying not to laugh but I kept looking over at Helma and Shelley, Beth’s Teacher and Aide, and they were laughing so hard that I couldn’t help it. She really does crack me up.

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  1. Fiona says:


    Hi I saw this and it was rather funny. Don’t they say persistence is the key. Beth was very persistent. Beth is very tall and Tanya would have found it difficult to hide them from Beth. Well done Beth for some great achievements.


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