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Phew, just got a bit of a fright. I went to turn on ABC Kids and the news was on. I looked up the TV guide and somebody had forgotten to tell me that they had moved it to ABC2. Thank goodness for the internet!

Beth and I went to choir yesterday. It’s facilitated by Donna Williams, an adult on the spectrum who is very well known. She’s an author and a singer, a sculpture and a painter, a very talented woman. She is my inspiration as far as independance for Beth is concerned as (from reading her books) she seemed to have so many more issues than Beth does. Donna has told me herself that Beth is much more socialised that she was and is doing really well.

Donna has organised a choir, along with a fellow aspie, Anthony, and kids come along to join in or, as was the case yesterday, wander around her garden to suss us all out and see if they want to. Yesterday it was just Kayla and Beth who were doing the singing. Another little girl came along but found it too much and a little boy spent most of his time checking out the garden but joining us at the end. As usual Beth dominated the group! I love that she knows what she wants but by the same token, she needs to let others have a turn too. Luckily as there weren’t many there, she got to have her way most of the time.

Yesterday they chose the banana song to start with. I think it’s one that Donna wrote and it just has the words banananana, nanananana nana na nananana in a tune we all knew. It’s a good one to get going as everybody swings from side to side while singing it, or jumps. Donna is great at taking cues and rolls with what is suggested. This song went for quite a while, doing it at a slow tempo, an angry tempo, an excited tempo. We even did it in a posh voice, all sorts of ways. Donna gets down with the kids at their level and they really respond. Beth was in a ‘making up words’ kind of mood yesterday and Donna just used these words in musical ways which Beth loved. We sang High School Musical songs, Tomorrow from Annie and Don’t Worry, Be Happy. I had to let go of my inhibitions as I sang and jumped around with everybody, having a thoroughly good time! We were all exhausted by the end and sat down to sing a couple of slower songs before saying goodbye. I told Donna about a place in Boronia that has advertised recording sessions for kids with special needs, it’s a sound studio I guess. They can cut their own CD and I was thinking the group could get together and do a song there. It’s not far to go and it’s only $15 for a session. I’ve sent the information to Donna.

It’s Monday today and I can already hear Beth having a cough, getting ready to tell me that she can’t go today. We’ve got Sensational Kids on Wednesday but as that’s 2 days away and not tomorrow it may not be enough of a carrot to go today. It’s lunch order day so maybe the hot jam donut she can have will be enough but I doubt it. Oh well, best get ready for my first fight of the day!

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