The girl is back!

The whirlwind came back from camp today, gee it’s been a couple of quiet days.

Wednesday morning we had to be at school for 9 for the bus to leave at 9.15am. It was all running quite smoothly though I didn’t start packing until that morning, sure that it would all be fine, then running around like a chook with it’s head cut off at 8.45! We got to school on time and Beth turned to me to say “I will miss you Mum.” I thought this was very appropriate and very sweet until she went up to another mum and told her she would miss her too! She then proceeded to tell most of the mums in the line the same thing. Thanks very much!

We stayed for an extra long play at the school Wednesday night, we were there til about quarter past five cos it was such a nice day and a few of us were chatting. It was strange at home without Bethie and we were all a bit unsettled. Bill confided in me that he liked it when Beth was gone but also that he didn’t. When asked what he meant he said that he liked it cos it meant that he could sit in the front of the car but he didn’t like it cos he missed her. I liked that answer!

Bridie missed Beth too and wanted her to come home. It was lovely to hear that from the kids because they could easily have said that it was so nice without Beth for a variety of reasons, not just because she’s autistic and hard work but for things as simple as more computer time or dvd choosing but none of that way mentioned.

Thursday was much the same, Bill had karate after school then home for a quiet night. We decided to save the usual pizza after karate night for Friday for when Beth was home tonight. Note to self : La Collina is much nicer on a Thursday night than on a Friday! Very disappointing after looking forward to it so much.

This morning started off well. I caught Bill flipping the finger to Bridie so big trouble there! Very indignant he was cos I caught him out, he couldn’t lie his way out of it. Off to school we went. Assembly was very quiet without the grade 3’s and 4’s. Tanya was back and spoke about the kids (and teachers) on the flying fox and the big swing. She said that there was another school there on camp too and that that accentuated how well the Menzies Creek kids behave, also about how caring they are as kids. The other school must have been buggers! We have got a lovely school I must say, all the kids are nice and polite and always smile and hold doors open for you, people often comment on what a happy bunch they seem.

Anyway, 3pm rolls on, time for the bus to come in. Beth is the first one off, straight into my arms. I was only saying this morning to Karen and Bree at school about how nice it is with these kids that they don’t have any inhibitions about being affectionate in front of their friends. I’m such a mean mum to Bill, I (and others like me ha ha)  take great delight in embarassing our kids by trying to give them kisses and yelling goodbye. Beth does it right back at me and even though I know she does it because that is what people do so therefore you do it, I still get such pleasure from it, believing that she also does it because she wants to give mummy lots of loving. She’s also the one who in the middle of singing with the choir or sometimes getting an award will spot me in the audience and give me a big wave.

Beth looks a little sunburnt and quite tired and (bad mummy) I realise that I didn’t pack her belt to go with her red checked pants so she has a fabulous builders bum going too! Shelley got off after her and told me that she did indeed have a wonderful time at camp, they did paddling at the beach (only up to knees, yay) and even went rollerblading. I had visions of a giraffe on roller skates at this because Beth is very tall and gangly and (like her mother) quite clumsy on her feet. She did love it though so I’m anticipating more sore backs for me and trips to the roller rink. Great!

They had a night where they watched a dvd and Beth fell asleep, they were loath to wake her up and it took 4 of them to carry her off to bed which would have been a sight. I wonder if there’ll be any workers comp claims coming up! She didn’t try the flying fox or the big swing according to her, I think she’s getting a bit of a fear of heights which I don’t really mind as I used to be afraid of her jumping off balconies. Maybe she’s getting more danger awareness which has to be a good thing.

She went off to bed tonight nice and easy. Bridie wanted to sleep in her sleeping bag on the floor next to Bethie’s bed. Beth read to Bridie and they took Minka in with them and both were asleep at 10 when I checked. All my brood are tucked up in bed and asleep. Just where they should be. xxx

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