Feeling a bit stressed

It’s been a pretty quiet time here as far as Beth is concerned, at least up until today. We’ve been muddling along.

Monday morning I took Beth to school. In the mornings she gets there, puts her bag away and then usually goes to the sick bay where she reads a book until the bell goes. She then goes off to the toilet before making her way to class. I could hear her on Monday carrying on and saying that she wasn’t going to class, that she was going to the sick bay. I was just leaving but I hotfooted it up to the sick bay and confronted Beth. I told her that I was fed up with her attitude and if she didn’t go to class I would tell her teacher to let me know and she wouldn’t be allowed to play on the computer that evening. She objected but eventually relented and seemed to have a good day.

Today when I got to school to pick her up I had her teacher come to talk to me. Apparently she refused to go into the classroom all day. She went in to get her playlunch but then wouldn’t even go in to get her lunch. I don’t know what the hell is going on and neither do they. I don’t know whether it’s anxieties about high school next year or if something has happened in the classroom and it’s snowballed and made into something bigger that it really is. I asked her about it and she said it’s because she didn’t want to go to J-Rock practice. Said practice wasn’t actually on until this afternoon though and it wasn’t in their classroom. I’ve told her that she can’t play on the computer or watch dvds at all tonight as her punishment.

When I got home today I tried to call Rod at Emerson school to speak with him about dual schooling. When I first went to have a look there they told us that the reviews are done every fortnight for kids, then when we went back I was told that the kids going in to year seven weren’t decided until term 4. Maybe if we transferred her now she would be a two week review? If I was able to dual school her she’d be there three days a week and at our mainstream school two days a week. She’d still sort of finish her schooling with the kids she’s gone through primary school with and graduate with them too. She’d also be with the kids she’d be with next year and this would be explained to her so that there would be no surprises coming up next year. Rod wasn’t there when I called so I’ll call back again on Monday. Timing wise it’s good too as Monday is our meeting with primary school to sign off on our 6/7 review for aide funding so I can get the IQ figures needed for our application.

Beth had her last swimming lesson yesterday. I was wonderinng about when we’d be finishing as I really like the teacher that she’s had for the past couple of years – Paton. She’s been a fantastic teacher and Beth has learnt more from her than in the 6 years of lessons beforehand. Paton told us yesterday that it was her last day. I knew she was only working one day a week and really only to help out with Beth which I really appreciated. It’s sad though as all my kids have done swimming lessons there off and on over the past 8 years and I know all the staff. Beth was my last one there. I can only imagine how I’ll be when Bridie finishes at our Primary School, I’ll probably be a basket case! I figured that as Beth was going off to high school next year anyway it was a good time to stop the swimming lessons. Beth was very cute when saying goodbye. Paton said to me that she would miss Beth and Beth said to her “Oh, I’ll miss you!” Then she said “Give me a hug.” Beth’s not one to show spontaneous affection so it was a genuine display.

One more week to go before the school holidays. Cross your fingers for me that none of the kids get sick this week!

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