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I just had a brief informal meeting with our principal. Still trying to work out what’s the problem with Beth lately not wanting to go into the grade 6 room. We figured it could be a number of things. 1) She’s anxious about going to high school, 2) Her anxieties about going to high school have heightened her senses, therefore making the class too noisy, 3) the grade 6 room is at the end of the corridor, therefore having an outside door to contend with too, 4) kids move down the corridor to the grade 6 room then disappear from the school, 5) somebody is being mean to her. Really, we’re clutching at straws.

I’ve sent a message to Rod at Sensational Kids hoping that in our next session he could address Beth’s anxieties, or pass us on to the psychologist there who may be able to get the answers out.

Our principal read my blog over the weekend and made a point which I hadn’t really thought of. When I had mentioned that perhaps Beth didn’t really care if she finished her primary school years with her peers I didn’t take into account that maybe her peers might care, or even more so, her teachers. I hadn’t meant to imply that they wouldn’t, I just hadn’t thought about it from that side at all. They’ve all been with Beth for the last six and a half years and would want her to graduate with them. I’m just feeling so anxious about the whole situation and was venting my feelings out as I do.

We’ve got our meeting with the Education Department this afternoon at school. I’ve got reports from Sensational Kids, we’ve got the IQ test, the Vineland and whatever else we need to say how dreadful my child is! Unfortunately that’s what we need to a) get her an aide for the time she needs in high school or b) get her into Emerson. I’ll get a copy of those reports from the principal so that I can complete our application for Emerson. I’ve left a message for Rod at Emerson too, to discuss being accepted earlier than term 4. I don’t necessarily want to do dual schooling but I would like her to perhaps start going there one day a week in term 3? She can’t even start transitioning until term 4 if the decision isn’t made until then. It can’t hurt to ask can it?

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