So far so good

Well this morning went better than I could have expected. Beth was her bubbly charming self, saying “Good morning Sir” when she saw a man walk her way. She was excited to be going to Emerson and was in a wonderful mood. When we got there she addressed the lady (who I’ll call Clare) who we had seen last week then we went through to where Beth’s class for today would be.  They were outside and we were introduced to the teacher and the girl who would be showing Beth around. Beth did get distracted as somebody had a young dog there but it showed that she was social as she just got in the middle of the crowd to pat it.

The girl with Beth was gorgeous and kept smiling at Beth so Beth in turn had big smiles for her. When asked if Beth likes music (as that was their first class) Beth replied “Oh yes, I love music.” When I left them they were walking off together with another girl chatting as if they’d known each other for years! Beth spotted a hopscotch grid so was jumping along on that while they were walking. Clare asked me if I was relieved to see how well Beth had gone. I replied that yes I was but that I was more concerned with how they felt about Beth. I had hoped that Beth would be ok as she copes well in new situations. Clare replied that it was like looking at a different child. She was very happy with how Beth had just fitted in (so far) and told me not to worry, they’d be fine today. Well so far so good, I haven’t had a phone call yet! I’m not going to get my hopes up too much but at least I feel more positive than I did. I’ll let you know how she went.

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