We had an appointment at a gynocologist this morning for Beth. She’s on a stronger pill now to help as she was getting her period every three weeks on the weak pill. Basically we were told to come back in three months to see how it is working as she hasn’t been on it long enough to see if it is working properly. Thanks for that, here’s my $200! One suggestion made was for Beth to just take the main pills all the time, therefore not getting her period at all. I said that as she is coping with it well I didn’t want to do this as unfortunately periods are a part of life. I guess I don’t know what I was expecting. Beth needn’t have even been there as she didn’t talk and we talked about her the whole time which I generally don’t like to do. I think I wanted to see if adolescence and depression had any link and if hormones might have anything to do with how Beth’s been feeling lately. Apparently there is no link to depression and periods, a statement which I don’t agree with. Anyway, we’re supposed to go back early next year. It gives me the shits when we go to places like that because as Beth is on a health care card but I can’t use it for medical things. I’ve never been to a specialist, doctor or paediatrician where I have been able to use it. It’s good for prescriptions and that’s about it. It’s ridiculous, it’s a bloody HEALTH  care card after all!

Beth did her standard joke again. The one that goes “What’s your favourite colour, your favourite number, your favourite animal and your favourite part of the body.” The gyno was a bit weird about the part of the body, saying “Well I can’t really tell you my real favourite so I’ll say a hand.” Gynocologist humour perhaps? Anyway, at the end she did what the last two professionals have done (optician and trainee speech therapist), she explained why the joke didn’t make sense. The answer was a red poodle with five hands. She commented that that would be silly because you don’t get red poodles. I didn’t like to point out that they don’t have five hands either. I don’t see what the harm is in just laughing and saying “Good joke Beth.” Especially if I’m paying you $200!

I had a bit of good news today. My friend Trudy (the one with the trampoline) has a daughter Hayley who is five. She’s been at a special development school where she’s been put with such high needs children that she’s not been learning anything. The school told Trudy that she was aiming too high for Hayley, that she was expecting too much. Trudy brought her to one of our HAGS (Happy Autism/Aspergers Group Support) meetings and she is such a bright spark, reeling off spelling word after spelling word. Trudy has pushed and pushed and got nowhere with her school, teaching her most things at home. She got Hayley reassessed this month and her new IQ assessment means that she now has a mild intellectual disability instead of a moderate one. She’s also gotten her into a new school for next year so things are looking up. Hip hip hooray for Mummy Power, it works wonders. Well done Trudy, it just shows how if you fight for what is right you can win in the end. xxx

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