Monday again

Well Beth had a bit of a shitty day today apparently. She was fine when I dropped her off, happy enough to go to school. When I picked her up she came out in a good mood, she said she was excited because she got her Subway lunch order form for Wednesday. Then she told me, almost offhandedly, that she had met some bullies today. She elaborated, telling me that at morning tea some boys had thrown noodles at her and called her a slut. I asked her if she said anything back and she said that she told them that she isn’t a slut. I’m not even sure she knows what it means but clearly it was said with enough venom that she knew it was bullying. She also told me that she yelled at her teacher and told her she hated her because she was making Beth do PE. She said that her teacher was angry with her for yelling. I told her that it wasn’t appropriate to say things like that to anybody and that PE is part of schooling. I then asked her if anything good had happened and she told me that she played tic tac toe with a girl from class and kickball with a boy from her class. She doesn’t seem to be too distressed about the day but I’ve left a message for the coordinator to call me as I am obviously not happy. Hopefully tomorrow Beth will be supervised a little more closely, she has told me that she often eats lunch alone or doesn’t play with anybody. I guess they can’t watch all the kids all of the time but being a new child I hope they’d be a bit more diligent to start with. At least if I tell them what’s happened they will be aware of it.

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