Wednesday 14th March

Well I’m glad to say there’s not a lot to report on. Beth seems really happy to go to school lately. I did have to laugh last week though.  One of the mums I’ve got to know has a son in the same class as Beth. She was telling me that on the day Beth had her meltdown a week before that she turned to her teacher and said “you’re fired!” The kids thought it was hilarious. Clearly she’s overheard the ads for The Apprentice on the tely.

I thought I’d pop in the picture of Beth’s Miss Piggy cushion that she made. As you can see it really does look like Miss Piggy. She insists that she drew it herself and her teacher sewed it and as far as those things are concerned Beth does tell the truth. (Lots of other things she will lie about – if she thinks it’s to her advantage.)

When I dropped Beth off at school yesterday a boy was darting around and came running up to Beth saying “What’s your name” a couple of times. Last year during Beth’s transition days she had had problems with a boy doing this. She had said then that his name was Bob. I asked Beth yesterday if it was the same boy and she said yes, that was Bob. I asked Beth’s friend Gypsy the boys name and she told me that it was John. When I went to pick Beth up last night I went in to see the coordinator that I had spoken to about the problems last year. She explained that the boy has some very autistic traits and doesn’t know how to approach people. He tends to repeat things over and over again. She said that he’s a lovely boy, just very full on. That put my mind at ease, if there was nothing malicious about him then I could explain it to Beth. The coordinator told me how lovely they think Beth is. She also said she was worried about Beth’s low muscle tone and how slow she is. I hold Beth’s hand most of the time because she is so slow that I often have to drag her. I explained that we had done swimming for eight years, horseriding for three and occupational therapy for three. I’m not sure what else to do. I’m glad that they have picked up on this though and we’re going to try and think of something that can help Beth with posture and core strengthening.


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