A big weekend

We’ve had a pretty busy time this last week. On the weekend we went down to my Dad and Helen’s house for lunch for Dad’s birthday and Beth’s birthday which is coming up this Thursday. Beth was very happy with her dictionary that they had gotten her and sat on the stairs reading it. Of course Beth being Beth then asked where the rest of her presents were! The kids all had a spa and we had a lovely afternoon catching up with my sister and her family and my aunt and uncle.

On Sunday we had the primary school fete. It always promises to be loads of fun, with class stalls, rides and fireworks. Lots of the kids that Beth went to school with last year came along, even the ones who don’t have siblings at the school anymore. Beth was so excited and it was lovely to see that her friends were excited to see her too. She ran up to her two best buds Jessica and Erin and they threw their arms around her as she said “Oh I’ve missed you!” It’s so sad that she can’t be with her friends in high school but she wouldn’t have coped in mainstream. Also, it’s probably good for them too to not have to look after her in a high school setting. We’re taking the girls to the movies on Monday for Beth’s birthday as she said she really wanted to catch up with her old friends.

I’ll leave you with a Beth funny. At the fete I was on the dishes tent with a few of my friends. Bec’s husband Emmett was on the dishwashing duty with me and Beth came over when it was time to go. Emmett is a real sweetheart and a bit rough around the edges. Last time we saw him Beth kindly told him that his teeth were bad. This time she pointed at him and asked him if he was a hillbilly! He laughed and said that yes, he probably was. Then as he took a quick swig from his lite beer Beth turned to me and said confidently “and an alcoholic!” Luckily Emmett ‘gets’ it and doesn’t care at all. We all saw the funny side of it. Cheeky bugger!

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