School holidays

Well it’s Wednesday of the first week of the school holidays and I’m already feeling a little bit mental. My darling Bridie who is a bloody nightmare to get up during school times is waking at 6am every morning. Now I know daylight savings is finished and all but even so, that means she should have been waking at the decent hour of 7am before this week and it just wasn’t happening. I was so looking forward to not having to get up at 6 every morning and driving for half the day, now I’m ready to get back to it! I did laugh at myself the other day in regards to Bridie. The cat sleeps on the end of my bed and as soon as I move she’s off the bed miaowing at me for some food. If I go into the toilet she follows me in there and often uses her kitty litter while I am using the toilet. One particular morning I woke up to Bridie calling out Mu-um at the same time as Henry the cat (who is in fact a girl) miaowed that she was up too. I thought to myself – my God, she’s just like Bridie. Then I remembered the book; All Cats Have Aspergers. I wonder!

I’ve had Paul home for two days, he’s gone back today. On Monday we took Beth and her friends from last year, Jessica and Erin, to the movies. Beth had been so excited about seeing her friends. We saw them at the school fete and they said that they too have missed Beth. Erin came to our house and Jessica’s mum brought her straight to the movies. It was funny to see how Beth changed when Erin arrived. She obviously has been watching lots of teenage movies because her whole conversation consisted of “Oh My God” or “Totally”! She was like a different person. I wonder if she talks like that with her friends at her new school? Erin was asking about the school and Beth told her the names of her friends so although they may not be what we would regard as friends yet, clearly in Beth world that’s what friends are. She doesn’t always play with them but they are in her class. I think that’s ace, she’s happy with it so so am I.

Yesterday Paul and I went to look at flooring and benchtops for the new house. The kids all stayed with Grandma and Grandpa which was handy as they (Beth especially) would be a pain in the arse in warehouse places. We’re off to Bec’s house today.  Beth sits and watches dvds, Bridie plays with her buddy Kasey and Bill and Will do what boys do, usually electronic games. I don’t care, as long as I can get my Bec fix (and Liz and Bree when they’re there too with their kids) I’m a happy mummy!

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