Driving me crazy!

Beth’s ipad isn’t working properly. The tip of the headphones got stuck and we can’t get it out. This means that the sound is not working. This has just happened in the last half and hour and already Beth is driving me crazy, she’s going on and on about it. I started off saying that she could play it without sound but I keep finding her with things like pencils and coathangers to stick in the hole to fix it. I’ve told her I’ll take it to Bunnings tomorrow and try to get small plyers to get the tip out but that’s not good enough for her. I even heard her shout out as if she’d hurt herself. I told her to stop playing with the coathangers as I thought she’d cut herself but she said no, she was trying to get one of Henry’s (Smelly Cat) claws to use!

She’s being so argumentative that when we suggested she watch a dvd she deliberately chose ones that she knew we couldn’t find. She asked for one after the other that she knew we’d either packed away or we’d tried to find yesterday and couldn’t.

Thank goodness she’s funny though, at least it makes us see the lighter side to her tantrums. The funniest thing was when she was pacing up and down in her frustration. I was looking on the computer trying to find solutions to our ipad crisis. I heard Paul tell her to stop playing with her boobs. Beth’s oppositional response “They’re not boobs Dad, they’re breast implants!” Cheeky bugger!

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