Speaking with Donna Williams

I’ve not long got off the phone with Donna Williams which was very inspiring. She very kindly told me that she admires anybody who tells their story so openly which for me was very high praise indeed. I’ve done an email of 6 questions to which Donna will answer me, then I will respond to her answers. She will then post this on her blog with a link to my site and I will do the same thing from this end. Her husband Chris is off to the UK next week and as he is the one who is computer savvy in their house (lucky cos we have nobody here!) we will wait until he is back and then do a podcast chat which will also be posted on both blogs. Very excited I am!

Donna has also agreed to come along to our HAGS in the Hills Christmas party on November 22nd to do a bit of music therapy and entertaining. We have spoken about doing a music therapy program with herself and a couple of others who are very autie friendly so we agreed that the Christmas Party would be a good introduction to this.

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Mother of an autistic child wanting to write about my personal experiences
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