Beth’s birthday week

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It’s been a busy week. It’s been the last week of term one, Beth’s birthday week and Easter to boot. Her birthday this year fell on Good Friday for the first time ever. So I had to make sure I had everything I needed due to shops not being open, also with school ending. It’s all sorted and over with now.

Beth had a market day at school on Tuesday. She had written me an invitation to come, it went from 11am to 1pm, she asked if I’d like to come and have lunch and had added at the end that I could take her home early. I double checked with her teacher at our parent teacher interview and she said that no, she hadn’t said that at all! She did say however that as we lived so far away that it would be fine. That suited me, I hadn’t bought all of Beth’s presents yet so we decided to go shopping on the way to picking the other kids up, seeing as we had a couple of hours up our sleeves.

We went to Endeavour Hills which is a smallish shopping centre. I was a little disappointed as we went to Big W and they don’t seem to have a teenagey section like K Mart does. I had bought her some funky tights a few weeks before and wanted to get her a long black top to wear over the top. As luck had it we saw of all things a muppets t shirt on the sale rack out the front for $7.00 so we bought that. We also bought some nice electric blue jeans from Grandma and Grandpa for her. We then went to the toy section and ended up buying a talking Marty from Madagascar, he’s a zebra. Why not? Beth may be 14 but as far as fun is concerned she’s like a much younger child. She loves it so that’s all that matters. We got her two black tops in a ladies shop outside.

We then went and had a look at anklets as Beth really wanted one. The lovely man was very nice as Beth said thankyou to him for getting them out to look at. She said “Thank you mister Chinese Man!” He laughed and said “I’m from Korea actually but thanks for the manners anyway!”

Afterwards we had hot chocolate for Beth, cappuccino for me, along with the donuts you get cheap with the hot drinks. Those lovely donuts with so much cinnamon and sugar that they end up hurting your teeth. Yummm!

Thursday Beth had her school assembly. All the birthday kids (and adults) get up if it’s their birthday that week. Beth got up on stage, loving the limelight. When it came time to her birthday wish she sang loudly in to the microphone “To be a muppet!” Everybody cracked up, they obviously love her humour there. There was a nice little bonus at the end when one of the male teachers had a wish that three of the young spunky male teachers did a line dance. And they did! Beth handed out lolly pops at the end of the day and had a lovely time.

Friday morning she woke up bright and early and opened her presents. She had also chosen a donut maker which Bill had given her, Bridie gave her some Stewie from Family Guy pyjamas. We had fish and chips next door at my inlaws house as being Good Friday we could only have fish to eat. Then Beth had pancakes for dinner, her favourite. Unfortunately they’re my favourite too and as nobody else ate them we had to demolish the lot!

Yesterday we went down to my dad and Helen’s house for Beth’s birthday and Easter. She was very happy with the herb pots she got from them. She was also chuffed with the Family Guy trivia game she got from my sister Deb, her husband Neil and their kids Ali and Rick. And the Family Guy t shirt. So she did very well this year indeed.

The only downside was that I had paid a bloody fortune for a card to be sent from the US, it was one from the tv show The Office, her new favourite. It says her favourite catchphrase “That’s what she said” in Michael Scott’s voice when you open it. Now I’m a messy person at the best of times and I just couldn’t find it. I prayed to St Anthony, I looked bloody everywhere and it just wasn’t there. I then found it outside, the darling doggy had taken it out there, chewed a little bit of it then left it in the rain, the whole thing was ruined. Bill then told Beth about it and of course she really wanted it so I’ve had to send away for another. So, I hope she appreciates the $40 card!


My book is out!

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Oh my goodness, I’m very excited! My new little ebook is out for sale, only on Kobo at the moment but soon to be on Amazon and other sites. Here’s the link : http://www.kobobooks.com/ebook/Why-Dont-They-Like-Me/book-ksVTrCLBgkST5-EEIUK6qg/page1.html?s=3BHY8o2Y20mObwCmyECoKQ&r=1

It’s five social stories, one on getting your period, one on coping with bullies, one on fancying somebody who doesn’t fancy you back, one on losing games and one on computer games not being real life. I’m in the process of writing many more so please, please, share, share, share! And of course please buy!

Here is the gorgeous front cover, I know you’ll see it when you click on the link but I love it so much I want to share it here too! xx

book cover


Parent Teacher Interview

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Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve been on here, we’ve just been plodding along and not a lot has been going on. Beth has been amusing me as usual with her amazing knowledge of movies. The other night we were chatting in bed, often that’s when we have good conversations. Usually they’re about movies or actors. Beth said to me “You know there’s a movie called A Man Called Flintstone mum. It was made in the year you were born. (Which is back in the olden days of 1966.) It was the second Warner Brothers movie and was a parody of a James Bond film.” Of course she asked me to look it up and of course she was right. She’s amazing, she knows about movies from the 1940s – if they’re related to Disney, she knows about them.

I had Beth’s parent teacher interview today. I was a tad apprehensive as I know what a bugger she can be. The teacher was totally honest with me, she started off saying “No offence to Beth” then hesitated. Now often when people start a sentence with “No offence” it means they’re just about to offend you. But no, I didn’t take offence to this at all. Ms H told me that she was worried when she found out that she had Beth in her class but after teaching her she realised how much she enjoys teaching her. My Beth! Yippee! Beth is doing really, really well. She’s joining in group activities more and seems to want to get approval from other kids in the class. She even stood up for her table and did a spelling challenge, getting through to the grand final. She’s standing up for herself if kids bother her and other kids are standing up for her too, rather than seeing her as a bother. I’m so proud.

We did have a giggle about some of Beth’s antics. One day she was in an annoying mood so kept rapping (singing and doing funny hand things) in another girls face. When told not to do it she said that she was really cool so she was allowed to rap. They had a karioke day one day last week and Beth got up with two other girls to sing but did it all in a Scottish or Cockney accent. Ms H said that all the kids thought it was hilarious so Beth kept going. Ms H is aware of the difference between laughing at Beth and laughing with her but she said they were all enjoying themselves. Last week Beth was a bit defiant about a maths task, thinking that she’d been told to do only 50 sums instead of 100. She finished and handed it in. When told she had to keep going she tried to talk her way out of it. “I’ve been a good girl and I’ve completed my 50 sums like I was asked to do.” She wasn’t impressed when she had to stay in at recess to do them. I told her teacher about how happy I am with Beth’s vocabulary. She was in the car on the way home and couldn’t get through a level on a game on her ipad. I said that she sounded frustrated and she replied that no, she was contented with the game. She’s apparently very, very good at her English and is even getting there in maths, starting fractions and graphs which is excellent. All in all I am so impressed with her and a very proud mummy!

I have put a little ebook of social stories together so will put a link on here when I get the link to Amazon. I’m very excited, I’m finally going to be published!


Hot weather

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I’m going to start with a wee bitch then go on to more important things. I say this because I feel it’s important to put it out there as it’s annoyed me so much in the last few days but I’m ok with it now. Speaking to one of my HAGS (Happy Autism Group Support) mummies recently I was told that when she first came to the area she was told by a mutual acquaintance that the HAGS were not a very nice group of mums. She was told that we were elitist and that we ‘got everything’ whereas the one doing the bitching got nothing. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I am so proud to be at the helm of a group of wonderful mums. We have had shaved heads (mine), dreadlocks, tattoos, piercings, people with various shades of skin colour, Dads, older mums, younger mums, we have welcomes the whole range. The only group we haven’t had are gay parents but as was pointed out to me yesterday we have got one or two gay grandparents so maybe we should welcome them along. I’m also not sure what it is that we ‘get’. If this means a room where we meet that we pay for then yes, I suppose we’re living the high life. I know the woman who has spread the rumours. I don’t think it’s necessary to go into my personal opinion  so lets just say I believe I have been professional in the sense that despite my reservations I have always made it clear that she would be welcome to come along to a meeting if she believes that any of her children may be on the spectrum. I’m not surprised that it was said, I’m just so disappointed that somebody could put their own agenda ahead of the needs of parents who are in need of assistance, parents just getting new diagnosis’ and not knowing which was to turn. I just hope there aren’t any others that she has done this to who have believed her lies. Anyway, it’s being dealt with so I’m not going to let it consume any more of my feelings, it’s just not worth it. Those who know our group know that is the furthest thing from the truth. And karma’s a bitch. On to happier things.

It’s been stinking hot the last few weeks. Not so bad that I’ve been worried about fires and not so bad that I can’t drive (just) but constantly hot every day and every night. I haven’t minded it too much but only because in our ‘new’ house we have good air conditioning. If we were still in the old place I wouldn’t like it at all. Everything seems to be better in the new place.

Beth has made a discovery with the hot weather. My regular readers will know that Beth has a penchance for salt. She loves salt. I’m not sure if normal sand in sandpits is salty or if, because of the sand at the sea, she thinks it is but she’s often eaten sand. I’m assuming that it is salty and that’s the reason why. I only knew this years ago when I couldn’t flush away the lump in the bottom of the toilet and finally realised that it was a mound of sand. Sorry for the visual but I’m sure you can guess how it got there!

Anyway, my kids schools have icypoles on over 30 degree days. (Sorry for those in the USA but I don’t know what that is in your temperatures.) 30 degrees here is just ok, over 30 is bearable, once you get over 35 it’s pretty awful though in my opinion. The temperature has been wavering in the low 30s so each day the kids have had an icypole. Beth kept forgetting to put her money in, then forgot where she put it but I think her teacher has gotten wise to her almost male like organisational skills and now double checks with her to see that she has icypole money. Beth gets in the car at night, knowing what I expect from her. She starts as though I have asked the question, even if I haven’t had a chance to. “What did I do today? Well I did graphs/maths/a Weary Dunlop project/ an Edith Cowen project”. (Impressive hey?) Then she says who she played with (usually nobody but she’s happy playing alone). Lately she’s added the icypole colour that she ate. One night she kept showing me her legs. I, thinking there was something wrong with them (or she was trying to make out like something was wrong with them) asked what her point was. They were sweaty. And salty. And being licked. Beth had discovered how much she liked the taste of her sweat. Fantastic!

That night we got home and I was on here checking my Facebook. I felt a warm breeze. I looked over and saw Beth sitting on the floor. On the heater vent. Seriously? The air conditioning was on, to counteract it Beth had put the heater on to 30 degrees! So that she could lick the sweat off of her knees! Funny bugger.

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