Luna Park

Beth went to Luna Park today on a school excursion. For those of you who live in Melbourne you would know it was a revolting day weather wise today so I pity the teachers and kids, especially those ones going to the water fun park in Geelong. A lovely man who I shall call Mr Marchant got Beth off the bus back at school and told me she had a lovely time. She had been on the merry go round five times and the dodgem cars and had loved the hall of mirrors. She’s not big on scary rides which suits me. Beth then informed me that the man was Old Mr Marchant as I was asking if he was a teacher. It seems that he was the teachers’ Dad, how lovely that he comes and helps out on days like today.

Beth got the student of the week award this week. She was so excited, coming out and showing it to me straight away. It was for working so well on her food pyramid poster. I saw her teacher as we were leaving and she was so pleased that Beth had told me so soon.

We went to an exhibition for Bridie’s section of the school last night. As it finished a bit before we had to pick Bill up from cubs we waited around. Beth (not having her ipad) decided to entertain herself by doing what the songs were telling her to on the radio. For example she kept turning the car light on because the song had the line “leave a light on for me” and she would tell me that I had to do what the lady was saying. I had to stop her though when there was a song with ‘get up’ in the line and she tried to stand up in her seat while we were driving.

I’ll leave you with a Beth cheeky funny. I went out with my support group the HAGS in the Hills today for an end of year brunch so I made a bit more effort with my makeup. Beth came in and plonked herself on the toilet, watching me do this. I was putting that Thin Lizzy powder on and Beth was commenting and asking questions. After I had finished she said “You forgot to do the black rings under your eyes mum.” Thanks for that! I think she’s got it from the ad, that’s what I’m telling myself anyway!

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