A quiet holiday

Sorry I haven’t written much lately, there’s really not been much to write about. The school holidays only have about a week left and it seems to have gone by way too quickly. We’ve had a lovely break, Paul finished building the deck a week ago so Bridie and I have spent lots of time outside, me reading the paper and her playing in the cubby or having me hose her down. It’s almost unheard of these days, we’re still not doing it too much. I reckon the water restrictions have been around since my kids were born so it’s a special treat to be able to be squirted with a hose. I might even lash out and buy a sprinkler.

I’ve been trying to get Beth outside more. She’s spent half of her holidays watching dvds or on her ipad. Now that we’ve got the deck I can set her up out there, yesterday I took out a box of magazines and she sat reading them. We’re getting the table and chairs I ordered online this week so we can eat outside whenever it’s a nice day. It’s like having a whole new room, I love it.

A couple of days ago Beth got up and started doing feeble little coughs. She seemed well enough so I was worried that she was going back to her old habits of knowing that school was going back soon and bunging on the sickness. It really frustrates me and I told her so, seeing as we still have over a week left of holidays I didn’t want every day punctuated with her coughing. Anyway, it turns out that she really has got a cold as her nostrils are quite red around them. Poor bugger, here I was threatening to take her ipad away if she kept whinging about being sick and the reality was that she really is!

On Sunday I’m having some photos taken of the kids and dogs together. A friend posted some photos of her kids on facebook which were just beautiful so I contacted the lady to ask about having some done. She’s coming out to our favourite dog walking area – Birdslands Reserve in Tecoma. She charges $99 for an hour photoshoot and you get the disc with all the photos on it to get printed out yourself. We got a gorgeous photo frame for Christmas (well I bought it for myself and told Paul it was our present to each other) with holes for various photos. Then I realised that I have hardly any current ones. I emailed the lady to let her know about Beth and she wrote me back to let me know she has two kids on the spectrum so is autism friendly. It’s so common these days! I’ll let you know how we go and put some photos on here. I’ll also put a link to the website.

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