Grumpy Bum

Beth’s in a right cow of a mood. She’s still not feeling the best, it’s that time of the month and she knows she’s only got a week to go before school goes back. Not happy Jan!

I took Beth and Bill for haircuts this morning. Bill wasn’t happy either as his hair had gotten so ridiculously long that it had no style or shape to it at all. I reckon they cut about half of it off. It’s still long and curly, it just looks much healthier. He’s just looked in the mirror for the first time, he’s realised that he can still do a cousin It impersonation so he’s not too bad! He can’t be in a bad mood anyway, it’s his birthday tomorrow. He’s turning 11. Beth’s hair is very short, just the way she likes it. I took the hairdresser aside to explain to her that Beth has autism as we haven’t been there before. I did think there would be comments made (from bad tempered Beth) as the girl who cut her hair had numerous piercings and tattoos. I wanted her to know that if Beth said anything to please not take it personally. I was imagining Beth asking why she had all the piercings or telling her she looked ugly but no, she was too immersed in her magazine to let her caustic side out. She did however continually ask if it was finished yet, turning her head to ask me which of course slowed the proceedings up. Also to shout at Bridie who was using Beth’s ipad. She also kept reading with her head bent down so she kept having to be told to put her head up. The classy comment that she made just put the nail in the coffin. “I’m all snotty!” at the top of her voice as she wiped her nose on the gown they’d clearly put on her for that purpose. Despite all that I love both the kids hair and am going back tomorrow myself while Paul is home.

We then went to Bill and Bridie’s primary school to pick up their book boxes for this year. While there people were very nice to Beth, trying to engage her in conversations, including one of her lovely former aides. Beth of course would have none of this, answering in one syllable whereever possible, showing her annoyance. She also has the annoying habit of answering any questions such as ‘How are you?’ with a cough, to show you just how unwell she is.

Now the girls are watching Ice Age. Bridie put it on and kindly asked Beth if she’d like to watch it with her. Beth said yes then proceeded to try to take over the controls, despite being told repeatedly that Bridie was in charge this time. The first disc had a scratch but as Beth wanted to watch it she insisted that they watch it on something else, it was the machines fault, not the disc. She showed it to me, it’s very scratched. She said “See Mum, not a scratch in site.” She’s being argumentative and bossy and demanding. A surly teenager with a five year olds temper tantrums, that’s my Bethie at the moment!

I’ll leave you with a Beth funny. On the way home from school today├é┬áBridie was talking about a game where the lady was pregnant. Beth stated that she hated being pregnant. We were talking about how old people had to be to get pregnant and the other kids were horrified at the thought that Beth could now have a baby. So was I! I stated that no, Beth couldn’t have a baby because she hadn’t had sex yet. Beth then agreed saying “Yes that’s right, I’m a version!” Then Bridie commented that she must be a version too. Thank goodness for that.

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