A good start to the school year

Beth has had  a good start  this year. It’s  so nice to not be one of the new kids for her, or in my case, one of the  new mums. She loves her new teacher and she came home with some  work she had done on Wednesday, her first day. I reckon it’s the best writing I’ve seen  her do. It was  very cute, she  had written about what she did  in the holidays and  drawn pictures to show what it was. One was going to see Wreck It Ralph which we took her, Bill and four  other boys to see for Bill’s birthday. Then they came home for a night of sleeping in the lounge and Austin Powers movies. I don’t even think I have to paint a picture here! Anyway, Beth wrote about that movie and how she wants to see Rise of the Guardians. She also wrote about  how  she had gone to see ponies and all about them, it sounded fantastic  and maybe it was just me who realised that it’s a fantasy from My Little Pony! Anyway, she did a really good job. Bill and Bridie were in the car as they didn’t start until the next day, they were so complimentary, both of them talking about how good  her writing was, how straight her ‘I’s were. Bill  even went so far as to say  that JK Rowling would be jealous of Beth’s  writing abilities! They’re such gorgeous kids. I was  pleased to see  Beth waving goodbye to a friend, the first time I haven’t had to elbow her to say goodbye to somebody  who was saying it to her.

We had our photos done last  week. The photographer was terrific  and excellent with Beth. The job was  to get Beth not looking quite as autistic as she can  often look in photos. I don’t mean that in a bad  way, she just doesn’t know how to naturally pose and puts  on a funny smile when  she poses. She also likes to do the finger thing in Star Trek and now in the Big Bang Theory, you know the one where  you separate your two first fingers with your two last fingers, I think the saying is “go forth and prosper.” Those shots made it which  I was glad of, that’s  who Beth is after all.

I went to my very first assembly  at Beth’s school this  morning. They have a lovely tradition which  I didn’t know about. They got everybody up whose birthday was in January, they all lined  up (including a teacher) and the rest  of the school had to put them in age order as they said their ages. Then they clapped up to the first birthday which in this case was seven. When  they got to seven the seven year old had to say what they wished for. Then we’d clap up to the next age  and so on. Most of them said they wished for a good day. One boy, bless his heart, said  he wished to be a lion. I must make sure  I’m there for Beth’s, she no doubt will go into a spiel about Hollywood or Disney, in a dramatic accent!


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