2014 already!

Oh my goodness, it’s been ages since I’ve done a post! Sorry about that. I guess it means it’s been good, nothing major has been happening. We’ve gotten through the whole of Christmas and the school holidays and I still love my children! Wow, that’s a feat in itself.

We enjoyed Christmas this year. It makes such a difference to be in a house that we love. Or maybe that’s just me, I just find it so much more relaxing. The kids getting older helps too. Everybody finished off the year well, really close to Christmas. We had Paul’s family here for Christmas Day which was nice as the kids could get up, open and play with their presents and not have to go anywhere. I just had to try and keep Beth out of her pyjamas. She’s got into the habit of getting straight into her pyjamas as soon as we get home. I don’t really mind this, if we’re not going anywhere it’s no big deal. I compromised, she had a shower every morning of the holidays, if we weren’t having visitors or going out I would let her put clean pyjamas on instead of normal clothes. She would still smell nice and have clean clothes on after all.

We had fairly cruisy holidays. Having one really stinking hot week didn’t help and I sort of felt like we lost a week of the holidays because we did nothing but hybernate. I’m so glad that I didn’t budge on our house budget when it came to the air conditioning. We let a few things go when building when money became tight but I insisted that we kept the air con. We have the evaporative type where you need windows open to make it work properly and it’s lovely. It’s through the bedrooms too. The other fabulous discovery was a 10 foot blow up pool for $48. It’s amazing, I bought some blow up chairs and Bridie and I have spent many an afternoon bouncing each other around on our chairs. What a bargain, it even has a pump. Beth has ventured out in it a couple of times, she asked for a bikini for Christmas so she has to be slathered with sunscreen as they’re not terrible sunsmart. And the pants are almost non existant. But hey, who cares, she’s wearing a bikini like they wear on Total Drama  and that’s all that matters to her.

Talking of Total Drama, Beth was talking last night about the boys that she’s decided she wants to date. She seems to have a thing for the Seths. She doesn’t even seem to know what they look like, there were about three that she mentioned last night, Seth Green (who I approve of) and a couple of others who are much older. We were having a giggle at the fact that they’d be a cute couple, Beth and Seth! She then said ‘what about Justin?’ I asked who Justin was and she said he was from Total Drama. I said ‘but that’s a cartoon so he’s a cartoon character.’ She said ‘but that doesn’t mean that they’re not real just because they’re on a cartoon.’ Um, it actually does!

Beth went back to school today. She has a male teacher this time, a rather handsome young man he is too. She actually seemed happy to go back to school this year, though she did try to bung on an ailment as usual. Nothing as simple as her drawing on herself and saying she had chicken pox, or saying her tummy was sore, or choking herself so that she’s cough really hard. That’s all in the past. No this time she had a fatal wound. She had spilled pie filling onto her leg on Friday and it had burnt her a little bit. It looked fine but she picked at it and scratched it so it had become a bit of a sore. This apparently was fatal. And she told everybody who she saw that she was dying. Luckily a bandaid seemed to fix it so off to school she went this morning, fairly happy. Her teacher told me she had a fantastic day.

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