Driving me crazy

I’ve had Beth home again this week. She nearly passed out on Tuesday over her breakfast, she fell down on her knees and then vomitted which was quite scary but it only happened once. She’s also had a cold. It’s a hard one because she’s very good at faking an illness but because I know she is sick but not really to what degree I’m not sure what to do. I didn’t send her yesterday (Wednesday) because she was still really blocked up and they had a sports day which I knew she wouldn’t participate in. Then this morning she had a touch of the runs, and the cold and her head was really clammy so I believed her but she’s been fine ever since. I called the middle school coordinator to apologize for having her home so much this year, she was fine about it. I spoke to her about how much Beth hates school. I even asked if she could go part time, do distance education at home and go there for the things that I can’t give her like the work experience and training. Socially she’s not interested in making friends much as I’d love it if she did. But I can’t do the job pathways and all the other stuff that a special school is experienced in doing. Much as I’d love not having to drive, she wouldn’t be self motivated enough to do the distance education, every time I’d turn my back she’d be playing a game!

The latest thing which doesn’t seem to be working is Beth trying to act like a big girl. Every day she tells me she’s been a big girl and every day she does several things that show she’s not acting like a big girl. And she knows, that’s the frustrating thing. If I catch her out she straight away says ‘I’m a big girl mum!’ She’s saying this because I’ve told her that from now on 8.30pm is her bedtime, time to pack up the ipad and roll over and go to sleep, not the 10.30 that she was staying up until. She’s objected profusely to this, telling me that the others go to bed at that time and they’re much younger than her. This is true but they behave better than her! Some of the things that she has done this week to prove that she’s not a big girl are : Giving herself a love bite on her upper arm, getting her thighs stuck in coat hangers, sucking on the plastic from her magazine packet, rolling up little bits of tissues and either getting them stuck up her nose or shredding them all over the bed, partially eating her wet weet bix with her fingers, sharing her plate of food with the cat and wiping her runny nose on my pillow when she thought I wasn’t looking! And she’s being really bossy and annoying, telling me off for swearing, telling Bridie she’s done the wrong thing, basically saying the opposite of whatever we say. Driving me bloody crazy!



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