July 2014

Dare I say it, things are going pretty well at the moment. We’re back at school after the July school holidays which were lovely. We didn’t do a great deal, I had lots of study and assignments to do so the kids kept themselves busy. Paul took Bill and Bridie to Phillip Island for a night which was a godsend, Beth didn’t want to go but she’s the easy one when we’re at home so we had a lovely quiet couple of days. We went to the movies to see Rio 2 and visited friends. Beth wanted to know why we were going to visit her ex boyfriend Jose, not that he ever knew that he was her boyfriend in the first place!

School started back last week and surprisingly Beth didn’t try and make out like she was getting sick in the last few days of the holidays. I’ve been giving her probiotics lately and hadn’t seen much difference in her except for that I could give her the melatonin without her getting the runs. On Monday this week I was going to IKEA with some of the school mums and Beth got up and told me that she wasn’t well. She cried and moaned and said she had sore bits and it annoyed me so much that I just said to her I was sick of her lying about being sick and she was going. She pleaded with me, asking when she could stay home and that she wasn’t lying. I dropped her off and spoke to the lady in the office, telling her she could call me if she absolutely had to and Beth was just fine. If I hadn’t had been going out I probably would have been more sympathetic and believed her so it was good to see that if I persevered then all was ok. Since then she’s been quite amazing. That night and then the last three nights she’s come out of school all chatty and smiles, telling me all about her day and asking about mine. She’s been wonderful. Last night we were watching the tely and an ad came on for a movie that was MA15+. Beth said ‘oh so Lochlan was right, it is MA15+’ I asked who Lochlan is and she said ‘my friend from school.’ WHAT?? I double checked if he was a real boy (not like the boyfriend who ended up being a mammoth from a movie) and yes, she told me his last name and said they were friends. I even checked with other parents from school and I actually know the mum who is lovely so I know he’ll be a nice boy. I’m amazed! Small thing to some but Beth really hasn’t considered anybody a friend in the two and a half years we’ve been there. I’m so pleased!

I’m going to pop a little film on here, of Beth doing a performance at assembly. I didn’t know about it because she hadn’t brought the notice home (again) so she was rather put out that I wasn’t there. Her middle school coordinator kindly filmed it for me, I think she’s rather good. drums

I’ll leave you with a couple of Beth funnies. A little one is that when I picked her up yesterday she was walking backwards down the corridor with a huge grin on her face, trying to trick me! Love that girl!  Another was that the coordinator told me that when on an excursion Beth told the staff that the last time she went on an excursion she ran off into the night naked. She forgot to tell them that it was a dream much to their worry. And the last which is a goodie. She went to grandma and grandpas and had an apple. Bev asked her where her apple core was because she’d found one under a pillow a few weeks before. Beth said there’s an apple fairy who exchanges cores for money if you put them under the pillow. Nice try!

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