Nearly Christmas!

I can’t believe how fast this year has gone. It’s been an odd year. The worst year in a long time, with Dad and my aunty both dying. Awful. And a great year for me personally with getting back to studying which I am loving. I am doing a video assignment and did a practice session with a good friend on Friday. I can really see myself as a counsellor. I am looking forward to the next stage of my life so much. Yet grief keeps coming up and rearing it’s ugly head. My Bill has taken it hardest out of the kids, we went to see a grief counsellor for him this morning. Hopefully he can give us some strategies for when it happens again. Beth is a funny one. She appears to not be terribly affected by Dad’s death yet sometimes will come out with questions. She asked me last night if I still missed him and when I said yes she said she misses him too. I wonder if she realises how final it is and if she expects to see him at Christmas…..

She’s quite looking forward to next year when she moves to the senior campus. I’m not as the parking is dreadful! Scary too, she’s half way through her high school years. God knows what will happen after that. I’m hoping that something will stand out, something that she loves doing that she can actually do for a job. I’m not expecting her to be in paid employment necessarily. Working for her pension would be fine, I’ll sort the rest. I saw a documentary in the UK about a business who employed 5 or 6 special needs adults to do data entry. They employed one person to oversea the group. I think that would be perfect. There are lots of physical jobs out there such as mowing lawns and garden maintenance for special needs teams. Beth would be dreadful at that. She’d have her period every day if she’s anything like me and physical exercise, and I know she is! I don’t know how many times she’s been in the sick bay on sports days! There are probably other places out there, and I’m sure they will increase as the demand grows. And if there’s not then I’ll just have to start something. I’ve gotten good at being proactive as far as Beth is concerned.

I’ll leave you with a Beth funny. We were lying in bed last night and Beth’s foot creeps over and touches my foot. I said “That’s my foot you’re touching.” Beth responds with “Oh, I thought it was a warm lizard!” Yes, that makes much more sense than my foot doesn’t it?!

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