Beth had her second day at the senior school campus today. We went to an evening at her school last week to talk about her VCAL options, something that her school introduced last year. I can’t believe that she’s going into the equivalent of year 10 next year! It was very inspiring and for the first time I think, really gave me hope that she may be able to work for a living doing something that she enjoys and that she is good at. I’ve always had a fear that she’ll end up either at home or doing a job that she hates. And I know what she’s like. If she hates what she’s doing she just won’t do it. If packing shelves in a supermarket she’d be found in the magazine aisle reading or doing crosswords! She needs her mind to be entertained, and she’s smart, she needs stimulation. The subjects that appealed to us were media studies and cooking. Media studies would be the best bet but it’s whether or not she gets in, they all seem to want to do that one. It appeals to Beth’s love of computers and her love of movies. They do photography and gaming and lots of other things that Beth would be good at. I like the idea of cooking, they have an essential class which is home cooking, and a commercial cooking class which is the one Paul wants her to do. Surprisingly Beth chose horticulture as her second selection rather than cooking but after doing a session this afternoon she’s changed her mind. I think it’s as simple as the fact that she got wet when watering the garden! She was happy that she got to spend time with the chooks though. (Chickens.) Today she told me she also cooked a pasta bake which she loved so the flavour of the day (pun intended) is doing cooking!

Last week she had a taste of media studies which is still her first choice. Hopefully she’ll get in to that one but as she’s going into the junior year of senior school, they get  what’s left over from the older years. They can choose a different one each year though so they get a chance to do three different ones. I’m quite excited at the idea of her stepping up a bit and surprisingly she’s really looking forward to it.

We went shopping for Beth’s middle school graduation dress on Saturday. She really wanted to wear the one she wore to her grade 6 graduation but it was too tight. I’m quite pleased actually, because we have lots of photos of her in that one and now we can see her glammed up in another. I was a bit peeved, I’d done my research, looking for a semi formal maxi dress, and found a shop at Knox that stocked several. She needs a maxi dress for her lack of elegance when sitting. We got to the shop at 4.30pm and they didn’t have all of the range there. She tried on a couple but, as she’s so pale, the cream and beige ones looked dreadful. And the problem is with Beth is that she’ll see one and say ‘yes I want that one’ even if it looks terrible, because she just wants to stop and get out of there! We went to another couple of shops, finally deciding on a lovely long orange dress which is fairly summer casual. Once they put a gold belt on it it looked fabulous, as most clothes do on my gorgeous girl. I’ll have to rethink my wardrobe now, I’d also bought a long orange dress for the kids graduations (Bill graduates the night after) and I don’t want to clash! Clearly it’s the colour of the season.

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