Sorry everybody, I’m back! We bought a new computer in November and when my Bill played some games on it, it got lots of viruses so we had to set it back to factory settings. I had no idea how to get back in to the admin page. Then (and this was really hard) I just thought ‘maybe if I write in the word admin after the website address’ and voila! How bloody stupid of me not to think it before!

Beth’s in the equivalent of year 10 this year! Scary and exciting at the same time. She’s quite enjoying it, not that she’d admit it to me. I have her home today because I found lice this morning when she kept scratching her head. I had checked and checked and finally did it with the comb and found one live one. Of course when combing her treated hair I found lots of dead ones. She was very happy to have the day off, the payoff for having to treat her hair was worth it to spend the day at home with me. She wore goggles anyway so it was no big deal. And I combed her hair while we watched the episode of Grey’s Anatomy that we had taped this week. So we’re actually having a lovely day. I made sure that she knew that she’d be going back to school tomorrow (Friday) and she said ‘Yes, I have art tomorrow.’ So she must enjoy art there. Let’s see if she tries to bung it on in the morning mind you. If she tries to tell me her head is itchy again I’ll know!

This year Beth is doing VCAL. I’m not sure how to explain it but it gives you credits to complete different courses – I think these go towards TAFE courses if that’s what you decide on. Beth is in her element and doing Media Studies, our first preference. I think the school realises that she needs to be doing something that she actually enjoys and it combines her love of movies and computers so she’s pretty happy. I still have no idea what she will do when she grows up (hell I’ve just figured it out and I’m nearly 49!) I saw a link to a mob in America who run a car wash which is run by adults on the spectrum. I actually love that idea and think it would be a fantastic business to buy. I think it would be one of those businesses where people would come to get their cars washed for the very reason that it’s giving the staff such good self esteem. I think when it comes to the time I will look into it. Not sure how Beth would go though, she’d be squirting herself with the hose all the time, I think she’d need one of those big waterproof suits. Otherwise it’d be like a wet t shirt competition and I don’t want that kind of thing, especially for my daughter!

We bought a second hand spa before Christmas. It’s been an absolute godsend. And it’s great for Beth. Most nights we go in it, sometimes just the kids but often me too. Paul isn’t as keen but he’s been in it a few times. Beth comes out of her shell when we’re in the spa, it’s lovely to see. No tablet in there at all, we play word games such as family feud or snog marry avoid. She’s particularly good at charades and she’s communicating so well with the other kids.

Bill is at high school now and Bridie is in grade 5 so she’s a buddy this year. For those not in the know, when kids start school in Prep/Foundation they get a big buddy, usually from grade 5 or grade 6. This is Bridie’s turn to be a buddy and she’s really excited about it. I’m back to study this year and I’ve decided that this year is going to be positive all around. I’m doing a weight loss challenge, here’s a link to my blog about that if you want a squiz, it’s very ‘out there’ in the sense that I’ve had photos taken of me in my underwear! They’re getting better though! As I want to be known as a writer I don’t mind if I am known as the chick who posed in her undies on the internet. Any publicity is good publicity. And as I go and can see the differences I’m liking my photos more and more. People are commenting, friends have joined the challenge, I’ve had lots of support. And lost 12 kilos in the process. I’m nearly at the half way mark of 15 kilos. I feel fantastic. I’m going to the dentist next week to ask about braces, I’m going into my 50th year trim and fabulous darling!

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