March 12th 2015

I’ve had Beth home sick for the last 2 weeks. She of course is delighted with this. I haven’t minded it either. She’s pretty easy, she knows she has to stay in bed and read and I don’t have to drive too much. Last week Bill was off too and 2 of the days Bridie hasn’t been well either. So it’s an enforced stay at home for me. I’ve been having lots of trouble sleeping so that side of it has been lovely.

Beth’s at a rather amusing stage. In fact it’s one she’ll probably always be in. A combination of teenager/adulthood and childish delight in all things young. Being not well and very chesty I started running nice hot baths for her last week. It’s been ages since we had baths. In our last house it was such a horrible old thing that we never had them. When we moved here we had them to start with but then our old cat Henry started pooing in the bath. When the then kittens came along they followed suit, even though they had kitty litters. Now that they’re outside when they want to be, there’s no need for toileting inside thank goodness, so I have a lovely clean bath that can be used for what it’s meant to be. We just dropped Bridie off at school and I told Beth she could either have a shower after breakfast or wait til we got home and have a bath. She said 2 very cute things. One was asking me where our bath toys were (I did of course go onto Ebay and buy her some!) The other was asking if we could wait until Sesame Street is over before she has it.

The other side of it is a combination of dark and cheeky. We were watching Grey’s Anatomy yesterday and somebody fell and hit his head, leaving a bit puddle of blood. Beth asked me matter factly if they used chocolate sauce for the blood to which I replied that it was too red for that. She said ‘but that’s what they used in the shower scene from Psycho.’ So of course I looked it up and of course she was right. Because it was a black and white movie they could get away with it. Not that she’s seen Psycho, she just researches things so much.

It’s such a shame that Beth has an issue with laughter tracks in tv shows too, she’ll research things but not actually watch them.  She knows all about Friends, everything about it, but wont watch it because of the laughter. It’s the one thing that’s never gone away. She had the fear of elephants and their noise and now she’s ok with it. She did watch Big Bang Theory for a while, obsessively so, then got a bee in her bonnet about it and no more. Ever.

The cheeky side comes out often in our word games. These are usually played in the spa. We play Family Feud, would you rather, 20 questions, Snog Marry Avoid. It’s good fun actually. But Beth likes to push the boundaries. This morning we were in the car. Bridie wanted to play would you rather as we are buying Beth a turtle for her birthday in a couple of weeks and she wanted to ask if a) she wanted a turtle b) if she wanted a boy or a girl and c) what she would call it. We established that yes she wants one, she wants a girl and she would call it Lois from Malcolm in the Middle. Like I didn’t see that coming! Anyway, it was her turn to ask a question. So she looked at me and said “Would you rather DO Leonard Nimoy or Megan Fox?” I said “I beg your pardon?” and she smiled her sly little smile of innocence and said “What?!” I asked her what her interpretation of doing somebody was and she smirked and asked “Playing patti-cake with them?” Cheeky little shit, she knew exactly what it meant!

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