Curriculum Day

Beth has a curriculum day today. We have an appointment at Centrelink which I think is ridiculous. I got sent an appointment via email for her to come in for a job assessment interview. I called them and explained that she is only 16, that I can’t drive at the moment, anything I could to get out of it. But no, all I could do was postpone it and she wouldn’t get her pension without going to it. My friend Cat has kindly offered to drive us there. I also have to show some more identification papers for her. Seems that a birth certificate and student card just isn’t enough, 16 year olds are meant to have much more id! I have to take in copies of her school reports. Sorry, not copies, I have to take in the originals for them to sight and say that they’ve seen them. In my search I’ve also found her baptism certificate so hopefully that will do. Considering that she is stalling having her shower so that she can watch the end of Playschool I find the whole thing funny, but I guess, there are kids who improve so much that they wouldn’t need a pension so I get it too. I just wish we didn’t have to do it!

Beth’s been really good lately. Really thoughtful and contributing to conversations. Even arguing with good reasoning. I was trying to watch a movie the other night. She has a bad habit of mumbling to herself, often the same things over and over though I know it’s not tourettes, just a habit she’s got into. She’s aware that she does it. I asked her to keep it down as I couldn’t hear the television. She replied with ‘I know, I know but I can’t help it.’ Then she followed it up with ‘We have lots of bad habits in our family. Dad coughs, you snore and I mumble.’ Good argument I think. I compromised and asked her to keep her mumble at a lower volume which she did.

She’s also been asking about who she will be going home with, quite enjoying the break from routine from me picking up all the time. She asks questions of those who give her lifts and tells me about them. And a couple of weeks ago she introduced her Grandpa to a boy she was talking with at school. She’s doing really well!

I’m going to put a link on here. I wrote an article for a website called Champagne Cartel, about my brain tumour. They published it this morning so I’m rather excited! Here’s the link

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