2 more sleeps til op

I thought I’d pop in quickly and say a few things. Beth has been rather hilarious lately and I didn’t want to forget what she’d done. As often there’s not much to tell on here it’s nice to share how funny she is when it happens.

My friend had a brain tumour taken out a few weeks ago which was ridiculously coincidental! She put photos of her bruises and scars on facebook so I took the opportunity to show the kids what I could possibly look like. I think mine wont be as bad visually but will be worse in other ways. Bree didn’t have any of the potential side effects such as facial paralysis and her tumour was further forward in her head than mine. That means that she ended up with a swollen black eye that wouldn’t open for the first day. Her scar was pretty impressive too. 30 staples going from the middle of her head down towards her right ear, very neat and even, for those OCD people like myself. The kids freaked a little but then bit by bit asked about seeing them again, along with update photos, which got better nice and quickly. So I am planning a similar recovery. I am thinking the paralysis however is a very real possibility. I was told that my mouth could be turned down as if I have had a stroke, that my eye might look startled, that my whole right side of my face might be affected. I was explaining this to Beth. I told her that I had started dribbling all the time out of the right side of my mouth, this indicates to me that I may have problems there and be dribbling a lot more. “Like a dog?” she asked. Yes darling, just like a slobbery old dog!

Beth’s had an ear infection for the last few days. Again, it just goes to show that we don’t really know what’s going on in her mind. It wasn’t until we went to the doctors that I realised that she thought it meant she has a brain tumour too. My right ear has been affected and loud noises actually hurt. Like Bridie cuddling me then yelling out to others in the other room. All the time…..  Beth knows this is she is on the other side of Bridie so she hears me saying that it hurts my ear. Poor love, thinking that she had to go through it too.

She’s also been rather whingey lately. She’s 16 now, I guess it was time for the repulsive teenage attitude to come. Bill already has it at 13, Bridie has always had it to some extent! Yesterday was a doozy. She asked Paul to take her to the movies and he said no, they could go in the school holidays which start on Friday. She wanted to go yesterday though. She puts on her Veruca Salt voice when not happy. (I want it nooooow)  It’s high pitched and pretty horrible. And she does the quivery lip. I have been playing up the ‘you’re 16 now, you’re going to be the oldest girl in charge while I’m away, you have to set a good example.) Which when she’s in a good mood she’s all for. But when tantrumming that all goes out the window. Yesterday I said that grizzling really wasn’t attractive for a 16 year old young lady. Her response “What about whinging, is that attractive?!” She kept going on about the movie and I told her she would lose ipad priveleges. Which, every time I say ipad means that she has to correct me to tablet. Because she doesn’t have an ipad anymore, she has a tablet and get it right mum! So she was banned for one hour, then two. She kept speaking as me in her Veruca voice. “It’s ok Beth, you’re a good girl, you wont get banned, don’t worry. And you can go to the movies!” It went on and on and on. At one point I said that she’s 16 now, she needs to try and regulate herself. She was lying on her back so she lifted up her legs and put them over her head in a pilates style post. “Like that” she wails, “Like that?” I popped out for a little while and when I came back she had a bandaid on her inside arm. The first thing she said was “It was an accident” which she reiterated several times. She said she cut herself shaving. I don’t know how you accidentally cut the inside of your arm with a shaver but she seemed to do it. I do trust her with it, she shaves her underarms in the shower and has done for a few years now. Maybe she was proving to me that she is a big girl, who knows!

Before I sign off I shall tell you a little titbit of exciting news. A long time reader of this blog, Jo, has been writing to me for about 5 years and we’ve become friends. We have been in discussions for her to become a sort of agent to me! I wont say any more but I am expecting big things in the future and I’m very excited! It came at a perfect time, I was having a feeling sorry for myself day, missing dad, worried about the op, feeling all weepy. Then I got a message from Jo and it got me all excited about future possibilities. Now I just need to get over this pesky op and the world is my oyster! Watch this space! See you in a few weeks xxx

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