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I can’t believe we’re in March already. It feels though I’ve just taken down the Christmas tree, and I take it down a couple of days after Christmas! March means that it’s our Bethie’s birthday. And she’s turning 18 this year! OMG, yes that’s right, 18!

She’s really happy this year. She’s at Emerson Mondays and Tuesdays and seems to really like her teacher. I also think she’s enjoying it because it’s not as hands on as cooking was. She really enjoys reading and loves to absorb knowledge so quite likes the sitting down and learning side of school. She can also take a book with her to PE rather than participate so that’s a good solution for her rather than hiding in the broom closet like she did the first year there!

Wednesdays Beth goes to Your DNA, a media studies school for special needs adults. Next year she’ll more than likely go there 3 days a week, unless I can find something more local which would mean we may get transport from home rather than having to drive her into the zone to catch a bus. I seem to find places that aren’t really in our area but I guess that’s the job of a parent isn’t it, it’s not what’s easiest for us, it’s what’s best for our child. Beth is doing a creative writing course there every Wednesday. I was going to enrol her in a different class each term to give her a taste of other things but she really enjoys the writing aspect of it. Here’s a link to their blog so you can read her poem. It’s written about a TV show which doesn’t surprise me. I think it’s called an acrostic poem? She has excellent use of language, reading a dictionary at lunchtime for the last 6 years has really paid off! The words are descriptive of the bigger word, or in this case of the name of the person. I love how direct she is, no pussy footing around sensitive subjects, one man she used the H to say homosexual because well, that’s what he is. Another she says is Yummy. I asked if she fancied him and she said she fancies all of them! I also love that she used my favourite word Fart!

On Thursdays Beth goes to the gym with me for personal training. This has been my most exciting development. She loves it and her trainer is amazing with her. Her name is Melissa and she told me this morning that Beth has really improved and that today she was really attentive and did everything that was asked. Probably because I told her that there would be no treats if she didn’t as she’s fluffed around a bit the last 2 weeks. Melissa said that they had started out doing fun game type things but she’s now got her doing weights and working on her biceps. Our lovely osteo Steph also write a letter to Melissa saying how happy she is with Beth’s strength now and explaining that Beth needs to do work to make her knees go out instead of turning in. Straight away Melissa got Beth doing squats to work on that. The next day Beth said she couldn’t walk and was walking around like a robot! I’m so very happy with this development and so very proud of her. We’re even going together on a Sunday and doing a routine together. It’s making me want to open up our own gym even more now!

Fridays we alternate between art class and piano lessons. We’ve been doing art for a while now, Beth participates for an hour of the 2 hour session. She started piano just a fortnight ago and I nicked off so that the teacher Tina could do what she had to do. I could hear her fumbling for a little while, then I could hear the song Ode to Joy,  played hesitantly at first then really quite well. We have our next lesson tomorrow. We got Dad’s piano after he died and as I’ve always wanted to learn it’s a great opportunity. Thank goodness I’m working now, this is all costing a fortune, but well worth it.

So, I’m busy getting organised for madam’s party. She hasn’t had a really big party for a while so we’re having the works. An adult sized jumping castle and a popcorn machine. It’s Disney themed and we’re having a mad hatter’s tea party. And face painting. I think I’m probably more excited than Beth!

Hope you and yours are all going well. I think I’ll do a post next on how far Beth has come in all these years. I don’t know about you but sometimes it’s nice when we’re feeling bad to look back and see how well our kids are actually doing. Also for any of you that have just got your diagnosis. It does get better, it really does. And they do grow up – eventually. I know that Beth may be 30 before she is truly an adult, maybe even older. She just seems more attentive somehow now. Even little things such as when unpacking the dishwasher, saying excuse me to me because I was in front of the drawer she needed. Rather than just pushing past me, not really seeing me. It’s the little things isn’t it?  Ciao for now! xx

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