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I just wanted to come on here and have a huge brag about my wonderful girl! She’s doing amazingly well at the gym! We are now going twice a week; once on the weekend and once for her personal training on Thursday mornings. I can never be fagged going at the weekends because it’s always after I get home from work and I’m usually stuffed. I did in fact put it off last weekend but as Monday was a public holiday I told Beth we’d go after I got home. Well…. I was so tired but I said ‘Do you really want to go to the gym today?’ and as the answer was an excited “Yes please!” I just couldn’t say no! As always I am glad that I’ve gone as it gives me so much more energy. We ran into her trainer Mel when we went, I think she was pleasantly surprised to see Beth there.

We just got back from a Thursday session and Beth asked me to join in. I’ve done that once before, with boxing, but I’ve not done it for a while. Mel has said to me that Beth is doing so well that she’s doing normal exercising with her now instead of the easier and more fun things that they started with. Well I was blown away this morning. After our usual 5 minutes on the rower we went downstairs to use the equipment. I did a 12 week challenge last year which really got me out of my comfort zone as I’m used to using the weights in the ladies section of the gym. The ones downstairs in the big gym are much more hard core. Beth did the leg press while I did leg curls, then when she was doing floor work I had a go at the leg press. Then I joined in on the floor to do some of those exercises. We then went to the free weight section where Beth did some on her back and some kneeling on the weights bench, and some on the big balance ball. Not once did she grizzle! I did most of the same ones with a heavier weight and it wasn’t dissimilar to some of the exercises I did in my 12 week challenge. Mel said that Beth has never given her any problems, she needs a break now and then and a drink but does it all. O M G !!!! I think she’s like me. I hated PE but once I started at the gym I loved doing the weights so I know what I like in exercise now. I’m so excited!

Here’s a photo I took a few weeks ago at one of our mum and daughter sessions. I bloody love this girl! xxx

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