She’s 18!

I can’t believe it, my big girl is 18! She had her birthday yesterday and her party on Saturday. She’s enjoying being 18 and makes sure that we know by saying ‘I can do what I want now that I’m an adult’ when told not to do something!

I had a bit of a mind dilemma thinking about the blog last week. Being a bit OCD (unfortunately not with cleaning the house) I feel like things must be ‘right’ and can’t cope that well when they are not. As you know my blog is called Autistic Children and the issue that I have is that Beth is no longer a child. Do I keep writing on here because I have gathered a band of loyal readers. Or do I start a new blog with a current address, sharing the name with you all so that you can jump page. I think I’ll probably keep it because it did start with Beth when she was much younger. And she is still my child. Maybe once she’s grown up at say, 30, I can revisit my issues with it!

I’ve made a big decision about Beth’s 21st too. I know it’s still 3 years away! Bill will be turning 18 2 months before Beth turns 21 so I want him to have his own individual celebration. So I’m thinking Disneyland! It’s the perfect place for her, and the perfect amount of time to save and plan for it. Of course we’d all go. And it’d probably be Euro Disney rather than America because then we can visit with family in the UK. But, how exciting!

Anyway, I’ve been really happy with Beth’s reaction to turning 18. She’s always been worried about the whole idea of growing up. When she was younger I realised that she was worried when she turned 13 that I might die like my mum did when I was 13. We got through that by me figuring out that it was worrying her. I talked to her, telling her that if Nanny was alive today that she probably would have lived, because there is so much more advancement in cancer treatments these days than back then in ‘the old days.’ Beth talks about my mum often. She said the other day that she wished that Grandsha could have been at her party, and Nanny, and I told her that they would be watching and wishing the same thing. I also wonder if her whole thing about not growing up (remember wanting to be a PowerPuff girl because they didn’t grow up and get their periods?) is because she thinks it means getting a job, moving out of home, having sex, drinking, all of the scary unknown things. I think that talking with her about us working together somehow has helped a lot. It’s not just about leaving school and the unknown now, it’s about the plans that we have. Her going to Your DNA next year 3 days a week. Her working with me at the gym once we open it. Her going to the gym now and realising that she’s enjoying it and will enjoy our own. I think she’s relieved that she’s turned 18 and nothing bad happened. Just like when she got her period and, yucky as it was, it wasn’t as bad as she’d built it up in her mind.

Anyway, Beth had a great party. She was good as usually she takes herself off to her room when we have people over, even at a party. She’ll come out and say hello, she’ll even eat with us, but then off she goes back to where she can do what she wants to do. She spent most of Saturday afternoon on the couch opening presents! Lots and lots of people came, family, friends who are like family, friends from school (primary and now), even her trainer and her art teacher from school were here. It was so lovely. And it was all about her. They sat with her and helped her open her presents and she loved it! We got a lovely cake (Maxi Foods is fabulous, and very inexpensive). We ran out of many things thanks to me leaving some of the shopping to hubby, but luckily we have shops literally across the road from us. She got lots of goodies, workout gear and equipment, Disney books and dvds, jewellery, lots and lots of lovely presents. She also got some gift vouchers and money so next week (school holidays) we shall go to gold class to watch the new Smurfs movie then do a spot of shopping together. Here are a few photos of her big day. Beth dressed as Minnie Mouse. There were some great outfits! I chose to wear a dress with the white rabbit on it rather than do a dress up, a cop out I know but at least I’ll wear it again!

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