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Sorry I haven’t had a chance to write recently, we’ve had so much to do to try to get the house up to scratch for selling so haven’t had much time. Mind you I did manage to fit in a shoe party on Sunday! We’ve hired a storage unit to get rid of a lot of clutter, we’re getting carpet put down on Wednesday and the yard cleared, also new tiling done in the bathroom so it’s all go go go.

Not much to report after our visit with Richard Malter on Friday. He asked how I felt about how Beth was going. I told him that I hadn’t seen as much improvement as I had hoped. We got quite an improvement with the Mercury chellation but getting the virus out, which is meant to be the big difference, hasn’t really shown much at all. Her levels have gone down considerably so the virus in the brain is nearly all gone. We’re now starting on the liver while doing the brain still. When doing the brain virus we had given the flaxseed oil 4 times a day. After each time we put the magnet onto her middle finger for five minutes and then onto her other middle finger for five minutes. With the liver it’s on one point of her tummy for five minutes, then another point for another five minutes. Richard suggested that we also do the five minutes on each finger to make sure that we’ve got all the brain virus. I decided that I’ll do that at home which counts for 3 out of the 4 daily doses, but when at school she can just do the tummy one. It’s a big ask to expect them to do this every day anyway so don’t want to make it any harder for them.

Richard also said that he treated a boy who had learning difficulties but was not autistic. This boy only had the liver virus and after he was treated he didn’t have any learning difficulties. He explained that the gut can effect the brain in lots of ways which I readily accepted. After all, look how alcohol effects the brain. He also told me that her moods will escalate during this time because it’s such a sensitive area of the body. Great, thanks for that!

When Beth was younger I remember taking her to our paediatrician and asking about the theory about gluten and casien diets for autistic kids. I was made to feel like such an idiot for even suggesting the idea. In fact the response was so vehement I remember it to this day. Basically “don’t tell me that crap is going around again” was what I was told. I felt humiliated and dumb for even suggesting such a thing. Now look how common gluten intolerance is! Talk to anybody who didn’t know they were gluten intolerant who now is on a gluten free diet and they’ll tell you how much better they feel. We did in fact try Beth on a gluten free diet but it really made no difference. Richard Malter tells me that with this virus in Beth’s gut it wouldn’t matter what she ate it wouldn’t agree with her. I guess we’ll revisit that again after we’ve finished eradicating all the viruses.

We came to the decision on the weekend that Beth is giving up horseriding. It’s been good for what we needed and did build up her core strength but she just didn’t enjoy doing it. Each week she would say that she didn’t want to go and when she was there she was making lots of excuses to try to get off. Also, once Marion left it wasn’t the same. I’m still trying to find the “thing” that Beth loves so much, that passion that they say autistic kids have about something. There’s lots of things that she enjoys to do but nothing that we can use, for want of a better word, to our advantage.

We’ve got our hags Christmas party on this Sunday and Donna Williams is coming with her band to play so that should be good for the kids. I’ll be interested to see how the kids interract with Donna as I’ve spoken to her about doing a music therapy program. I think she’d be fantastic because she’s been there herself and hopefully will ‘get’ our kids. Beth did do piano in grade 1 but just didn’t apply herself, maybe now that she’s that bit older she might find that she enjoys it more.

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