We’ve had lots of improvement lately in Beth’s mood, it’s been lovely! Lots of bits and pieces going on.

I think it’s partially been because she’s had a few things to do. It’s very easy to just let Beth sit in her room and watch tv or play on her tablet, there are times that you wouldn’t even know she’s there, unless the wifi stops working or she gets hungry! That is of course not good for her however so I have to try and think to get her moving and mentally busy.

So, there are 4 things that have been contributing to Beth’s mood I think.

  1. Her Omega Q tablets. She’s been taking them for a few weeks now and there has been a vast improvement in her mental alertness. It’s said that kids with autism are often thought to actually be deaf before diagnosis because they get so absorbed in their own world that they just don’t listen or respond. Beth is very good at that! Since being on her tablets though she is more alert and often says things without being asked, quite spontaneously! This is fairly new for Beth, as an adult anyway. She could be quite chatty when younger, when the mood took her. She was in the school choir and loved to sing. Now, that Beth is showing through again and I’m loving it!
  2. Her cooking lessons. Lachie is a lovely chap and Beth seems to really like him. As she is choosing what to cook Lachlan guides her how to do this, they sit and have hot drinks and it really seems to be a good fit. As you can see, she has made some yummy foods! This week it was gingerbread men. (didn’t realise how many bloody cutters we had!) In fact not so much men (though there were a few ninja bread men). She also made the crowd favourite of chocolate truffles which went down very well! I’m so pleased that this has become a regular fortnightly thing. We will be alternating with art lessons, probably starting in the new year, another thing that she loves. I have got her a cheap version of a kenwood chef mixer for Christmas as most weeks they use the hand beaters.
  3. Cranio Sacral Therapy. (I think that’s how it’s spelled!) Beth had it years ago and I’d forgotten about it. We go to an osteopath and she hadn’t been for a while. We had been going to assess her for her personal training but that was quite early on. Beth had been grinding her teeth, giving her toothaches and earaches. I had taken her to the doctors multiple times and to the dentist but there was nothing wrong. We tried to get her a moulded mouth guard but she gagged so much that she vomited into the poor dentist’s hand! Luckily she had a glove on! I had our lovely osteo work on my jaw which immediately alleviated my headaches so I thought I’d try Beth again. Since she’s had that done she’s improved so much. Plus, when we went yesterday, I saw how much it was hurting beforehand as her jaw was really tight. So that has made a big difference.
  4. lastly, it’s Christmas!!! Beth loves Christmas. She helped me do the tree, she loves the music and the advent calenders, all the things that the other kids don’t really bother about. Except the advent calenders, they still all love those! She’s singing songs and jumping around, loving it all. She’s already decided that she’ll make shortbreads next week at her lesson and she’ll then give some out as presents.

So, all in all, things are going really well! Hope you’re all getting organised? I’m really not, but trying! Speak soon! xx

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