It’s the start of a new year (actually nearly the end of the month – wtf!) and I am sure I’m not the only one who is glad 2020 is over!

We’ve had a couple of slack weeks for summer. Beth is back at work and seems to be enjoying it but who knows. She’s been a bit up and down mood wise at times but last week she was complaining of a tummy ache and it ended up being a UTI. Because she can be a bit of the boy who cried wolf I can’t tell sometimes if she’s really not feeling well or if she just wants to stay home.

I’ve discovered some new products which have really great feedback from other mums with special needs kids. Google NRF2, especially PUBMED documents and there are promising articles on the subject. I’m a bit dumb when it comes to scientific stuff! Luckily for me there are very knowledgeable people who work within my business who can talk the talk when it comes to how it all works. So please, let me know if you’re keen on trying the products and I’ll set you up in a chat once you’ve had a look at some testimonials!

So, so far with these tablets, Beth has already shown a bit of improvement. She seems to be happier. And more chatty. I am taking them too and I am finding that I am already calmer and sleeping better. There are so many benefits to them! They say for full effect it takes 1 month for every decade you’ve been alive so mine feels like it will be forever! But… we’ve been on them for just over a week so far and I’ve already seen these differences. The brain fog is lifting and the energy is coming back – woohoo!!

Beth started back at cooking today with Lachie. They made bread today and we just ate some for lunch. It was yummy! She really enjoys cooking and seems to really enjoy Lachlan’s company too.

I’m going to look around for another art school also. I’m hoping that as the NDIS has been around for a while now that a few other schools might pop up. While she is enjoying being with the animals at work she is always asking when she can do art school. So I think it’s time to explore other things too. Ash is going to come back and teach her art at home but it would also be good for her to do a day program if one is available.

I hope all of you are well and that 2021 has gotten off to a good start?! Speak soon xxx

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