Well, as I had hoped, little things are changing within Beth which is pretty exciting for me. I have just upped one of her tablets – the NRF2 – which is the one that you see the most difference with. Due to tummy issues we had to only give her half a dose until the new probiotic kicked in and she seems to be coping much better with it now, just shows what can go on inside that we don’t necessarily see!

The differences I’ve found have been with her communication. She is more spontaneous, she is offering to do more things, she is wanting to spend more time with us. I wrote a testimonial on the page of the business. The exciting thing for me was something small but significant. On the days Beth is home I write a little checklist for her to do jobs. They aren’t big things but they give her a sense of purpose. She unpacks the dishwasher. She unpacks the toilet paper that comes in a big box. She will empty the bins from the bathroom into the big bin outside. Often I’ll have fun things in between such as take a selfie with the dog, or, be awesome! Or ones she has to hunt for such as take a photo of the plant in the red pot with the orange flower. When not doing gym there would be some exercises in there like – do 20 step ups on each leg. Anyway, you get the picture! On a Thursday I have a sleepover in her room. Her siblings often have sleepovers, Bridie pretty much most weekends! Beth doesn’t, so I’m her sleepover. On a Thursday she doesn’t have a checklist because she works, but I’ll ask her to change the sheet, putting the dirty one in the laundry and putting a clean one on. I’ve taught her the trick of the tag going in the top left hand corner! On Tuesday last week I had already changed her bedding so I didn’t bother asking. On Thursday when I got home from work she was most excited to let me know that she’d changed her sheet. She said ‘you forgot to ask me!’ Oh my effing God! Small for some but huge for us! Plus, she’s wanting to watch movies with Bridie as well as be in on her driving lesson and getting a haircut. Just because she wants to join in!

Beth did cooking this morning with Lachie, they did chocolate brownies. Lachie said that Beth was reading out the recipe to him rather than getting him to tell her what she needed to use which is what she usually does. So, small but significant steps. If you want to look up medical information, just google NRF2 and autism. And of course, let me know if you’re keen on knowing more, I’ll send you some more information. Here’s Beth with her brownies. I love how she holds her tongue when she’s concentrating, so do I! And can you tell, she clearly licked the bowl when she’d finished!

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