November already!!!

I am shocked! I was thinking here I was, popping a new post on every month or so, then when I came in I realised that I haven’t posted since July! Time gets away from us all hey?

So for those readers who aren’t in the lockdown capital of Victoria, we have literally just been allowed out of lockdown. As in last week! The shops are bedlam and the kids are happy to be able to see their friends again. I think that’s been the hardest thing in our family. My son is in his first year at uni and can’t attend any lectures, my youngest is doing beauty therapy in VCAL and has only just been able to go back to placement and her tafe course. I have been lucky to work through as I am deemed an essential worker.

Beth went back to work a couple of weeks ago. She only goes 1 day a week and surprisingly she couldn’t wait. Not that she doesn’t like work, she loves it in fact, but she also loves being home playing on her tablet and watching tv. Not unlike me really!

We have a couple of things planned which I’m rather excited about. One is that I was organising some driving lessons for my youngest girl Bridie. I was looking at the instructors facebook page and noticed that she teaches special needs children. I was chatting with her about Beth and how I really didn’t expect that Beth would ever be able to drive, she still hasn’t even got much road sense when crossing the road. The instructor told me that some students she teaches for 3 or 4 years. She works with lots of people from special schools and they have a site that is on a huge amount of land with roads and signals etc, set up as if to be a proper driving situation. They learn there for as long as they need to before venturing out on the road. I think it’s worth while doing! I’m actually really excited about it. I don’t care how long it takes for her to get her licence, if at all. And it should instill more road and traffic awareness if she’s on the other side of the wheel. She needs an assessment done by an occupational therapist and a review of her NDIS plan to be able to get it all funded. I’ll keep you posted!

One of the other things I’ve seen, that I have to look into further is a virtual reality type of therapy. I’ve seen it advertised and it helps anybody with anxiety and sensory processing difficulties, which is where a lot of Beth’s anxiety comes from. It looks great, and again it is something that we can get funding for. It is a way of teaching meditation and mindfullness while having a bit of fun. I think! I will be speaking with the organisers to plan a program with them so that I can run it past our plan manager first but I’m hoping it’s something that helps.

I’ll leave you with a Beth funny. She got new glasses a few weeks ago and during the assessment they must have had it set up for a Chinese person beforehand. So Beth’s going through the letters on the pages and the new page comes up. The assessor asked if Beth would please read the middle line and Beth says “chinese character, chinese character, chinese character, chinese character, chinese character!” I did have to laugh! Rather than just saying that she couldn’t read Chinese she did it to the best of her abilities!

I’ll keep you all posted with our new developments! It’s time to do Christmas shopping! Here’s a photo of Beth who decided to dress as Bob Hale from Horrible Histories for Halloween! Byeeee! x

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