It’s nearly Christmas!!!

This year has gone by so quickly! I wrote a date of April 2021 at work the other day and thought nothing of it. In fact I had to think about what month it actually is! I must say, we’re all pretty excited about Christmas here. It’s been such a shit couple of years with covid so I’ve gone a bit overboard with the presents this year. It’s time to celebrate!

Beth has been a little bit down lately. She’s been terribly moody and still not very nice to Paul. We did have one night when we took her samsung tablet and phone away from here which was like we had killed somebody as far as she was concerned. But you know what it’s like, you can’t threaten to do something unless you are willing to follow it through. At least now she knows that we will do it, the threat of that seems to be enough to stop her in her tracks now. That and the old ‘are you being naughty or nice’ question!

I had a big talk at the beginning of the month because she’s been on Paul’s back about his cough. So I said to her that it was time to break the habit, that if she did really well for the whole of December, I’d make an appointment for him myself to see a specialist. I’m sick of it too! At least then we can hopefully either get something for him to stop or be told that it’s something that will stay but it’s not serious. Beth has agreed to that and I just have to remind her a little and she does the big sigh and ‘I know!’

I’ve just started her on the Omega tablets that are part of my business. She has been taking the NRF2 for several months now which has really helped. And their probiotic is fantastic as it’s slow release so doesn’t disappear before hitting the important bits! The Omega are for brain health so she started them this morning. Will see how she goes.

We had a big day in the city on Sunday. We went to a cat cafe that had been recommended. She loved it there, thought it was fantastic that they were just wandering around. I told her we could add one to our eventual one day gym! She could work in there no problems! We planned on seeing the Myer windows but the lines were ridiculous! In the afternoon we went to the Disney exhibition at ACME which she really enjoyed. We all went as a family which is rare to be able to coordinate these days, so it was a nice day out.

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Beth started her virtual reality therapy today! We received the headset in the mail so I set it all up this morning. She quite enjoyed it really. She did a little bit of boxing and some deep breathing to help with her anxiety. The therapist is devising a personalised program for her and she can do it at home 3 or 4 days a week, one of them being her session with him. The only thing I’m not sure about is that it has lovely calming music while you’re doing it. I could hear the therapist talking and telling her what to do, and I could hear the music in the background, then she asked if the music could be turned off. I don’t think it can! When I set it up this morning it seemed to be on all the time. So… if that becomes an issue I don’t think it will work for us. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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