A huge breakthrough!

Well, drumroll please, ………. Beth got her ears pierced! That’s huge for her! I’ve been suggesting it for years but she’s resisted it. Then a couple of weeks ago she decided to ‘face the fear’ and go out of her comfort zone. I double and triple checked, I don’t want her to feel like I’m pressuring her. I’m not sure why I really wanted it. I always enjoyed taking Bridie to have piercings and I do love them myself.

Anyway… we’ve been having spas most nights and Beth is quite chatty there. So she started talking about it and I said that there’s a lady that I go to, Maddie, who works at Hairhouse Warehouse at Knox. She did my daith piercings when I was terrified and she was just beautiful. I’ve seen her a few times and I really like her. I bought some numbing cream and as today is my day off I called to see if she was working and she was. So I put the cream on and off we went! Beth was allowed to hold my hand (they don’t usually allow another in) and Maddie organised it so that another girl (also Beth) would do the other ear at the same time. I wanted the needle rather than the gun and they were quick, and so wonderful with Beth! By the time we got back to the car the feeling sick had finished and she was rather proud, enjoying her lollies and happy for me to take photos! From a kid who had to get sedated and held down to have needles I’m so bloody proud!

Here she is :

May be a close-up of 1 person and sunglasses

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