Work before Easter break

Beth had a good day at work today by all accounts. I’m trying to make everything nice and cruisy in the mornings as she has been having a few shitty days. She gets worked up and over tired at times and it builds up to a not very nice day I think. So this morning I told her if she had a good day she’d have a treat when she got home. I changed her sheets and made the bed with nice clean linen and popped a new book on her pillow. After the movies the other day we went to the bookshop to spend her money from Grandma and Grandpa. She picked some books by Neil Patrick Harris and then we found books for the movie The Bad Guys that we had just seen. Of course buying them in the set of 12 was much cheaper so I went with that option! She had 2 to start with and really enjoyed reading them so I said the others would be as a reward when she’s been good. (Also trying to stop rewarding with food!)

Here’s a very cute photo of her with a lizard today. She always looks happiest when she’s cuddling an animal, even if it’s not a cuddly one!

Now she’s got a week or so off. It’s nice to reset. I’m also excited because I work on Saturdays and this weekend I have 4 days in a row off. So I’m sure we’ll find some fun things to do!

Have a wonderful week everybody! xx

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