It’s the long weekend! I know because I’ve been comatosed most of the morning after eating a lindt bunny with my coffee while watching true crime. And now I’m stuffed because I’ve been shopping to replace the lindt bunny that I ate this morning with my coffee. Because, you know, it’s actually still only Saturday!

Beth has this week off. It’s hard when you don’t have young school kids because it was really easy to keep track of the time when they were all at school. Now Beth is working, Bill is at University which has different breaks and Bridie is in year 12 but still doing her placement hours through the holidays. So all over the place. And of course it’s different with me working. I look back on those years when I dreaded the school holidays. Beth was so hard and at times Bridie was even harder. Then there was the nicer years when the playdates did the entertaining for me and I loved those times. I don’t particularly like children, especially needy ones! It’s gotten worse as I have gotten older. I’m loving their ages now. They have nice, respectable friends (with a lovely dose of sarcasm) who I enjoy speaking with and I know that they behave the same at other people’s houses. All of Bridie’s friends are driving, and she will be soon enough, it’s a whole different ballgame now!

I sometimes wonder to myself if Beth thinks of the things that others do at her age. Some of the girls she was friends with at primary school have one or two children of their own. Most have tattoos, most are living with their partners or at least moved out of home. She’s never brought up thoughts about having sex or any other grownup things. If she did I would talk about it (prudish as I am) as I do to Bridie and her friends at times. I like to think I’m open minded about most things, even if sex talk makes me feel uncomfortable. My kids all know that nothing is taboo and that I’m perfectly comfortable with any choices (for want of a better word) that they make. I love that in this day and age, people can express themselves more freely and I find it incredibly brave for them to do so. It takes a lot of guts in this world of judgement that we have created. Beth occasionally asks questions about such things but not in reference to herself.

I find that the spa is an excellent place for us to talk. Beth is very good at saying ‘I don’t know’ when she can’t be bothered thinking of the answer to a question. Similarly if asked what her favourite anything is she’ll say ‘all of them’ because she doesn’t want to choose. When out of the spa she’s more often than not got headphones on so it’s even worse as I’m bothering her. In the spa she has no choice to listen to me and we end up having some good chats.

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter! It feels so good to be back on track with this blog, I absolutely love writing it! I know we’ll be eating lots of chocolate and slothing around feeling sick! How silly! Then Monday is a holiday so the diet can start again on Tuesday! xx

Here’s one of my favourite pictures of Beth, with one of the snakes at work. She has no fear when it comes to animals! x

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