A good week

We’ve had a lovely week. Starting off with a nice long weekend and will be finishing with another long weekend, can’t get better than that!

Beth had a couple of things on this week. Not working on Monday, she had a quiet day. Tuesday I went back to work and I write a list for her of things she has to do. Nothing too major but there’s usually an actual job or two. I plump it out by including things such as having a shower and cleaning her teeth.  So for example Tuesdays list had unpacking the dishwasher, shower and teeth, making her bed (a fairly new chore), picking up all of Lola’s soft toys (our golden retriever who always has one in her mouth) which is a brand new job, taking a photo and sending it to me, putting the spa on, reading on the couch for 1 hour and being awesome. She has a little box to tick. Sometimes Bridie shitstirs and puts something on the end like ‘clean Bridie’s room!’ And Beth says to me that she didn’t get a chance to do that one!

On Wednesday Beth and Caitlyn went to the movies. It was good because I had to take Bridie to the doctors so I had bought the tickets and gotten Beth ready. I sent Beth’s number to Caitlyn in case she didn’t answer the door. I love going to the movies with Beth but she wanted to see a second movie these holidays so I was happy to hand over the reigns this week! Here’s some lovely pictures Caitlyn took of them!

I reckon Caitlyn enjoys herself as much as Beth does!

On Thursday Beth had work. Last time her and Caitlyn went out Beth was up until all hours, wired as anything. Paul said he got up to go to the toilet and Beth was on her tablet about 4am! So not sure if she stayed up all night or woke up early. Either way, she was complaining of a headache and I chose not to send her as she wouldn’t have had a good day and neither would they I’m tipping! So Wednesday night this week was nice and peaceful and we had a big talk about getting a good night’s sleep before work. Looks like she had a great day , here she is enjoying one of her favourites.

Next week will be exciting too, our lovely art teacher is back! I felt awful, Beth called me at the doctors saying Ash had turned up on Wednesday morning, we had the dates mixed up! I had to say sorry, it’s next week. Beth is really excited, she’s really missed doing her art work! Have a wonderful weekend everybody xx

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  1. mark says:

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  2. Sarah says:

    hi Mark, I checked out your blog. Good on you, you clearly enjoy writing it as do I!

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