Art’s back!!!

We’re so excited, Ashleigh is back!!! For long term readers you would know that Beth used to do an art class with a gorgeous girl called Ashleigh. She did some amazing artworks and we even created a calendar for that Christmas as there were heaps of lovely pictures.

For various reasons, covid being of course the main one, we stopped doing the art class. Beth did try one in town but it wasn’t as casual as this one and it soon stopped when lockdowns took effect. I had still been in contact with Ash and let her know we’d be keen for her to come back and a few weeks ago she messaged and said she was ready. We started this week but Ash was so excited she turned up last week as Beth was getting ready for her movie date with Caitlyn! I felt terrible but she realised and all was good.

This week Ashleigh brought different mediums and they had a good play of blending colours and some animal stencils. And of course the morning tea came out of scones! We’re very happy to have her back. Next time I’m joining in to finish some artworks that I was doing in my old art class, I just need that eye of experience to guide me.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful day! xx

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