What a busy week it’s been

This last week of school is flat out isn’t it?! Monday was Beth’s last swimming lesson so I took her, along with the other kids, to the Monbulk Pool. Usually Bill goes into after school care but after a particularly revolting attitude a couple of weeks ago I told him for the rest of the year that he had to come swimming with us. We normally have a private session at 3.30 which is lovely and quiet for about 15 minutes til the school kids all start piling in for their 4pm sessions. This week, being the last week, they decided that they would combine the classes and let Beth join in the fun with the other kids. The only problem with that was that her teacher isn’t in the water for the 4pm session so Beth seemed to be oblivious to all going on and either was way behind the other kids or doing handstands!

Yesterday (Tuesday) was Beth’s Christmas Party day and they went bowling and then to the park at Ferntree Gully. I dropped off her Secret Santa quietly (so I thought) onto Helma’s desk so that nobody would see that Beth had Jessica. Unfortunately Beth had either seen it or had decided that it didn’t matter if Jessica knew that she was buying or her. When I left in the morning Beth was in tears wanting to give Jessica the magazine that we had bought her. As the Kris Kringle isn’t til Thursday she of course couldn’t give it to her then. All was well and she enjoyed and won bowling with the aide of one of those ramp thingys. Bridie and I met them at the park for a play and lunch which was nice. Beth was so tired and wanted to come home with us. I was tempted but as I had to pick Bill up from school anyway decided to give myself the extra 2 hours.

Last night the choir was singing at the grade 6 graduation dinner and speeches. I checked with Beth to see if she wanted to do it and she assured me that yes, she wanted to do her choir duties and sing. All the kids were excited and were mucking around a bit. It’s hard in that situation because you can’t tell all the kids off all the time for just being kids. Most kids know when they can do things like that and stop at the appropriate time. Not my Bethie! If she thinks something will get a laugh she’ll do it. As Tanya was proudly introducing the choir to the grade six parents Beth let out a great “ha ha”, a quote from her favourite naughty Simpsons character Nelson! Those who watch the Simpsons would know it well, it’s one of their catchphrases. Tanya, bless her, didn’t miss a beat and said something like “you get the true spirit of Menzies Creek, warts and all.” I nearly died of embarassment. Finn’s mum Melissa was sitting with me and I commented that it was Beth had Simpsons Tourettes as she does it quite often. She commented that I should be glad that that was the type she had, it could be much worse. As my friend Laurine put it, at least it wasn’t South Park Tourettes! (Her other favourite is saying “Smell you later” when she says goodbye.

Today it was all about Bridie. Kinder practice for the concert wasn’t on due to total fire ban (where our kinder closes) so she had her last swimming lesson for the year. After a play we popped in to Safeways to buy a cake for the kinder concert tonight. After a mad tidy up again due to another inspection on the house this afternoon we were off to Bev and John’s with Minka in hand. Back to pick up the kids from school, home again home again jiggedy jig. We had an early dinner then off to Bridie’s concert. As Bridie doesn’t talk at kinder I was pleased to still see her get up and, with Kates help, join in the dances. I was so proud when Kerrie called her up to get her diploma, she went up and got it and shyly took it to her tub and sat down. I got Paul a digital movie camera for fathers day so we have filmed Bridie doing all her Christmas songs at home, actions and all, with a little Merry Christmas message on the end to give to Kerrie and Kate. I think I might have to add a box of tissues. Unlike lots of kids with selective mutism, she has no problem in other people hearing her voice, she just wont speak directly to them.

Beth was a real trouper throughout. I moved to the front so that Bridie could come to me if she needed to. I had to have Beth with me as Paul was filming the concert. Mel, who is due to give birth tomorrow had the big couch which she kindly offered to share with me and Beth sat on my knee. There was actually a man sitting next to us but he ended up on the floor, probably pushed out by the ever elegant and fidgety Beth! Anybody who knows her knows that it’s like having a not so small woman sitting on me! She did want to go and play but sat through the whole concert in my arms being such a good girl.

Tomorrow is Sensational Kids day, appointment at doctors, Bridie’s and Bill’s party days at kinder and school, last Karate for the year, and then the school Christmas Carols night. Which means we will have been out 3 nights in a row. And I’m already buggered!

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