Sick or not? That is the question

Beth doesn’t appear to have been feeling the best lately. She did have her one day early last week when she vomited but that’s the only time that she appeared to be honestly ill. One of the things that indicates to me that Beth is unwell is that she doesn’t eat her food. We’re lucky, she’s always been a big eater and usually for breakfast she has 3 weetbix. On the odd occasion she’ll even stretch it to 6! I’m worried that maybe I’ve done myself a disservice. She has heard me tell people that I know she’s not well when she doesn’t eat her breakfast. Therefore when she doesn’t eat it I will think that she’s sick. Get where I’m coming from here?

Last night Beth was an absolute nightmare. We’ve had a couple of nights when she’s said that she’s not feeling well but last night was a doozy. She kept running to the toilet which is our ensuite. I’m not sure whether this was so that she could collapse on the bed in a faint or so that we’d think she had the runs.

I’m been stressing lately about the fact that she’s more than likely going to get her period soon, a matter that fills me with such dread that I can hardly bear to think about it. I have visions of that old movie Carrie where she comes out of the school toilets with blood all over her hands screaming “what’s happening to me?”  I have explained to Beth about getting her period which understandably freaks her out a bit. Usually the response is “but I want to be a powerpuff girl!” which I assume means that she doesn’t want to grow up. I know during her periods she’ll be fine but it’s the whole thing of knowing when it’s coming that’s the problem. Once she’s got it I can just let the aide know that she has to take Beth to the toilet at certain times and what to do. I’ve heard of people putting their daughters on the pill to predict when their periods are coming but there’s no way that I’ll do that to a 10 year old. Beth doesn’t have any problems with embarassment either. Often I’ll have to yell at her when I take her to the toilets at school, she starts pulling her pants down before she’s even in there. I can only imagine what she’ll be like with sanitary pads.

Anyway as I was saying, Beth was being a nightmare last night. When she was in bed she kept calling out to me and moaning. She gets quite bad asthma too but since using the flaxseed oil this had really improved as had her general health. We stopped this when we finished the treatment but I’m thinking now that we’ll just give it to her as part of her diet. I kept going into her room and she kept making herself cough and groan so I didn’t know what was actually wrong if anything. In the end I was getting a bit concerned because she kept grabbing at her lower tummy and letting out these dreadful noises. I took her to the toilet and wiped her myself, thinking that the dreaded P had arrived but no, nothing there thank goodness. I woke poor old Paul up and said that I had to be sure so he’d have to go and sleep in Beth’s bed. Well the little bugger came in and nothing, just lay there watching the tv! I called her on it, asking her why she had told lies to mummy about her being sick. She told me it was because she wanted to sleep in with me. Of course I was glad that she was feeling ok but annoyed that I thought we had gotten over sleeping in mum’s bed. It only takes one reminder like her being ill the week before. Once she gets to sleep there AND have a day off of school, easy peasy, now I know how to get what I want!

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