A busy, busy week

My posse and I at the zoo

We’ve had such a busy week. The whole family went on a whole school excursion on Tuesday to the zoo. Paul had the day off as we’ve always tried to have one or the other of us go on these excursions. This was the first year that all 3 kids were going and it was a gorgeous day for it. I was going to go with my posse from school, Bec, Bree and Prue (alphabetical) but when Paul decided to go I went with him. I managed without my girls by talking to them on the phone part of the time!

We had explained to the kids that part of the day they would be without either of us as we had only 2 or us and 3 of them. It worked out well. I started off with Bridie who promptly got taken off for a parentless talk, therefore leaving us mums to go and get coffee. Hence the photo above, I know it’s not of Beth but it makes me giggle so thought I’d put it in! I’m the one in the front on the right with the hat. Prue is behind me, Bree across from Prue and Sasha (Bo’s mum who I’ve discussed) at the front. Bec’s the one taking the photo (Will’s mum.) After they came out we went off to see the very cute baby elephant. While we were there I ran into Beth’s group so moved over to them and spent the next hour or so with her. She loved the orangutans, they are so entertaining. It was nice to see her in a social setting with her friends, they can be so good with her. Her friend Jessica was lovely, showing her the reptiles at the zoo. The kids didn’t even blink an eye when Beth kept standing in front of their cameras, something that must have p’d them off bigtime! They just moved her aside or said “Excuse me Beth, you’re in front of my camera.” Of course part of this might have been because I was there but I do think they are exceptional with her. I then spent the last hour with my Bill’s group. I was chuffed to have him holding my hand all the way around, I thought he’d be embarassed by me but I was wrong.

Today was a huge day. We had Richard Malter – the Flaxseed Guy this morning and Sensational Kids this afternoon. At our last appointment with Richard he told me that we had to get rid of some more metals in Beth’s brain as they were stopping a particular number going down. I’m not sure what the number is but it shows the amount of damage that is being done. When we first started it was several hundred, last time it was 140 and it is now 100. The metals are now gone but they were masking another bacterial virus so she now has capsules of a stuff called Neem which is natural and meant to treat this. I am so proud of Bethie, we tried it when we came home and she took them for the first time ever. Apparently the stuff itself tastes repulsive so I had visions of baking sweet cookies with green bits in them, I’ve heard of things like that but didn’t think I’d be making them for my daughter!

Next we were off to Sensational Kids with a healthy stop for KFC on the way. Melinda has got on board with the How Does your Engine Run program so created an arrow with three colours in a semi circle. Engine running low, just right, engine running high. Beth needs to identify where she is so that we can help her recognise how she is feeling and how to rectify it. Melinda did one for school as well so that I can pass it on to Beth’s teacher.

Rod’s session was fab as usual. Beth was fantastic today, funny and clever, I love it when she really enjoys what she’s doing. We had a simple match up game and the rules were 1) find the match and 2) explain why they match. Rod of course changed the game around so that he picked ones that matched for different reasons. For example instead of matching the chicken to the egg he might match it with a bee because they both can fly. Beth cottoned on to this idea well and at the end was offering some great matches of her own. She matched a toothbrush and a screwdriver because they were both straight. She also figured out ones such as the toothpaste and the hairbrush because they keep you clean and both belong in the bathroom. It’s amazing that she can pick these things up so well yet have trouble with the easier tasks. She had a real problem with the rules. She had to repeat back what they were and couldn’t remember no. 2. She kept making things up and saying the number 1 rule in a different way, she was very inventive in this. She just couldn’t comprehend that she could just ask what the rule was. We tried to lead her into this several times and she just didn’t get it. Of course once we told her she then took it and went with it. That’s the thing with Beth, once she ‘gets’ something, it stays with her as her new rule of talking. She’s such a clever girl!

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