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Hello all, sorry that’s it’s been a while but we’ve had a pretty non eventful week.  The weekend was nice, we took the kids swimming on Saturday for Bill and Bridie’s lessons then on Sunday we all went to the Billy Cart Races in Upwey and then back for lunch to Bev and John’s.

Monday Jen and I did another talk on autism. This one didn’t go for as long as the one at the swimming pool, it only went for about an hour. We both enjoyed it, there were lots of professionals there this time and we only knew one person so a whole different ballgame. I have noticed that the people that are there to listen really seem to enjoy hearing the parent’s perspective on autism, also to a certain extent the children’s perspective as seen through our eyes. I’d like to do more, maybe at schools for the aides so we’ll see what happens in the future. We didn’t end up going swimming that night because I forgot to take Beth’s bathers with me to school! I had received a call from the pool to say that somebody else would be taking her as Caprice was ill which was fine, so I just told Beth that Caprice was sick and forgot the rest!

Tuesday the HAGS mums all went to Clare’s new house. She has moved away from us, all the way to Blackburn. It’s very sad as she’s a founding member of the HAGS and probably the one that makes me laugh the most. It  only took us 1/2 an hour to get there so it’s not too far. We’ve decided to go to Daylesford for our night away this year, we’re going to rent a house overnight and book some well earned pamper packages for us. Last year the Bendigo Bank kindly donated $200 for our night away so I’ll have to see if I can get them to agree to it again. We don’t do it often, in fact last year was the first time I’d been away overnight with my friends since we had the kids so we do enjoy it while we can.

I did have some good news on the way home. We had been to VCAT to appeal the denial of our local council to let us build next door to Bev and John. This was overturned so now we can divide the land up and start building. I’ve never had a new house before and have lived in ‘renovators delights’ since I bought my first house 20 odd years ago. I’ve been sorting through all of my crap and purging, it feels great! I’ve decided that if it’s not worthy of my new house then it’s not going with me. Most of our crockery was mine when I moved out of home. We still have towels that were wedding presents 13 years ago. I’ve started a glory box for the new house, if I don’t love what I’m taking then it’s not coming with me. I wonder if it’d be considered rude to have a gift registry for a house warming party! The kids are so excited that we’ll have a pool too so it’ll be a whole new start for all of us.

Beth is doing better than expected taking her Neem capsules, she swallows them down with no problems at all. We do however keep losing the magnets! Each time we go to see Richard he asks if we need any and each time I take 4. We usually lose 3 really quickly and then end up with 1 for 2 or 3 weeks. There must be some sort of magnet monster who takes them. My dad has a theory that for each sock you lose you find another wire coathanger hanging in your wardrobe. Maybe that applies in this case too!

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