Are the holidays over yet?

Bridie is being extra specially revolting these holidays and Beth’s not too far behind. Only my lovely boy Bill is being nice, enjoying the holidays and entertaining himself. It’s not like we haven’t had anything on, I think the girls are very tired and as I am too I’m not being as tolerant as I could be.

Yesterday was Bethies actual birthday. She turned 11. We started off with our present treasure hunt. I can remember my mum doing this for me as a girl and it’s now become tradition in our house too, the kids love it. Bethie got the charm bracelet that she asked for, fluffy slippers, lots of clothes and some sticker books. Bridie gave her the Hurley toy from G Force and Bill gave her some toys from the Wonderpets. Bridie wanted hers as a treasure hunt too so we did the old hot and cold game til Beth found it. Beth had her favourite brekky which was pancakes before we set off to see Nanny McPhee and the big Bang at the movies with Amanda and her boys. We all loved the first one and the second one was just as good, good old fashioned fun. Though note to self : don’t give the kids big cans of drink in the cinema. A record 3 trips to the loo between the 2 girls! We had coffees and hot chocolates afterwards at the Reel Cafe in Belgrave, a bit of a treat that I must say I’m enjoying too now that Beth has discovered hot chocolates.

We then spent some of the afternoon at Prue’s house where Bill played with Zy and Bridie played with Tabitha. Poor old Bethie had to make do with dvd’s, as she kept getting into all the wrong things in the kids rooms. I get that, she doesn’t have a lot of respect for others things and just tends to spread them everywhere or just pull things apart just because.  We took Minka with us so that we could just head straight over to Bev and John’s from there for Beth’s birthday dinner. Roast chicken and ice cream cake, yum. I reckon Beth eats faster than anybody else I know. Bev and I couldn’t eat it all as they were huge servings so Beth had our extra pieces of pumpkin, 5 in all! She got a Buzz Lightyear to complete her Toy Story collection.

Last night she was a nightmare to get to sleep. She was still awake when I went to sleep at 10.30, getting in and out of her window to collect rocks and snails. She was so hyper it was awful. I spoke to Bill today to ask if he would mind changing rooms. He said he’d rather not so I said that was ok. Then he came back in and asked me why. When I told him he replied that if that was the case he was happy to, he didn’t want Beth climbing out the window during the night. He’s such a beautiful boy! Paul’s now hammering the window shut but as this is the second time tonight I’m picturing a move.

Today we had to go to the shops to get dinner which was fun. Bridie was being a nightmare from the minute that she got up and it didn’t get any better at the shops. We had to go to Bev and John’s to sort something out for the land subdivision for our house but weren’t out for long. Both girls have been really demanding today and driving me crazy. At about 7.30pm Beth decided that she wanted to watch a dvd and really cracked the shits with me when I said no. She started doing her arguing thing, saying things like, “now you’ll put it onto av1” or “you said yes, not no, yes Beth, you can watch a dvd.” Then she decided to go off on her own little tangent and started talking about going to Africa and riding llamas. Now she’s having a tantrum because I wont let her sleep on the couch cushions on the floor of her room for her slumber party with her my little pony’s. When she’s done this before she’s either ended up under the bed or going to sleep after midnight. I’ve just heard her calling “I’m coming Mr Cushion” so here we go again!

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