Not much going on here

We’ve had a fairly uneventful holiday so far. We’ve done a few things but nothing really stands out. Wednesday last week we had our first pyjama day for the holidays which Beth was most pleased about. On the Tuesday after she was dressed we had changed plans and didn’t have to go out after all, I had to stop Bethie from putting her pyjamas back on 10 minutes later! She’d live in them if she could.

I did have a bit of exciting news on Wednesday, That’s Life magazine told me that they would be publishing a letter with a link to my blog in it. I was sooooo excited to hear this! I’ve had such lovely feedback from new readers as well as old so I’d officially like to welcome the new readers into the wacky world that is my life. I hope you enjoy reading about it as much as I enjoy writing about it. It’s not terribly sane at times but how boring would it be if it was! And a big thanks to That’s Life for doing that for me.

Thursday we had friends over most of the day. Bec came with Will and Kasey. Prue came with Tabs and Zy. Bree came with Nimi and Aullen. Unfortunately for Beth Bree didn’t bring Naarii this time so she couldn’t fawn over him like last time! I love days like that, all the mums sit around and drink coffee and eat and the kids just do what kids do. Beth was most fascinated with Prue’s hair as she had it shaved for the World’s Greatest Shave day. She ran her hand over Prue’s head and laughed “You’ve been shaving your hair Prue.” The way she said it was as if she had told Prue she had been a naughty girl!

Friday was a quiet day being Good Friday. We had forgotten to buy hot cross buns so we had to settle for hot cross pancakes. Bill and Bridie don’t like hot cross buns anyway so that was fine. Nothing was open and muggins here forgot that that meant no supermarkets were open either. The only takeaway food shop that was open was fish and chips so that’s what we ended up having for tea. Bill was most put out when I told him he couldn’t have his hotdog in batter. I’m not so strict on the no meat on Good Friday but we went to a fish and chip shop for goodness sake, it would be like mocking religion if I bought him a sausage. And Paul and the kids are all christened Catholics.

Saturday Paul went sailing for the day. I hadn’t caught up with my family for Beth’s birthday or my dad’s birthday which was the week before. We went around to Debbie and Neil’s for a late lunch. I was a bit apprehensive about taking the kids there without Paul as they are hard work at houses without toys. As it wasn’t a hot day they couldn’t play in the pool either. They were really good though. Deb’s got foxtel thank goodness so the kids just sat back and watched some tv for the afternoon. Bill and Rick played some music and Beth had her DSi there too which is always good for a backup. Dad and Helen both mentioned how well Beth was communicating, she’s speaking so well lately. Of course this doesn’t mean that she’s using the right manners. She was very good with yes please and no thankyou, I’ve noticed that more and more lately and I’m so pleased to see it. When we walked in though Beth went straight up to Debbie and said “have you got me a present?” Then when Helen walked in Beth said the same thing! I guess she wanted to know and what better way to know the answer than to ask the question. I thought to myself, ‘how very autistic of you Beth!”

Today is Easter Sunday so Happy Easter everybody! It was also the end of daylight savings which meant that we were woken up at the ungodly hour of 6am. I allowed the kids one egg before breakfast and figured that they could eat the rest afterwards, better to get it out of the way early than hyper at night. Beth was in an argumentative mood and didn’t feel like going to Bev and John’s for lunch to visit with Uncle Frank as she wanted to watch a dvd. She went into a funny little fantasy and rather than merely arguing with me came up with this little beauty, “In other news, Beth O’Connor has decided not to go to Grandma and Grandpa’s for an Easter Egg Hunt, she’s going to stay at home instead and watch a dvd.” No imagination they say, not bloody likely!

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4 Responses to Not much going on here

  1. Fiona says:


    I love Beth’s news flash. She is going to be a journalist. I believe they make good money.

    Go Beth

  2. Sarah says:

    Well my Dad and my sister are both journo’s so it must run in the family!

  3. Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

  4. Sarah says:

    thanks so much, so glad you’re reading! xxx

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