Got the house to myself – woohoo!

Paul’s taken the kids to the museum – by himself! What a brave man. It’s so nice to have the house to myself. I know that the kids will be back at school next week and all will be quiet but it’s still a nice surprise when you’re not expecting it.

I took the girls for a haircut this morning. Beth likes her hair to be really short. I’ve tried to get them to keep some girliness in there but she makes them cut it all off. I suggested that they left the sideburny bits this morning. Beth looked at them and told them that they had missed a bit so they had to cut them too. This morning madam decided that she wanted them to wash it too, something that she’d never had done before. She sat like a cat purring while her head was massaged, she loved it so much! Let’s face it, who doesn’t love their head being massaged. Of course this meant that Bridie had to have her hair washed and dried too. They were very good at the hairdressers, still only charging me for the cuts.

I’ve got the afternoon free now so just thought I’d pop a quickie in while the troups were away. Unfortunately I think I’ll spend most of it tidying this pigsty that is even worse than usual in school holidays. And I stupidly bought a tin of anzac biscuits – because I liked the tin. I feel sick now! Have a good weekend everybody if I don’t speak to you beforehand. Roll on Monday!

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