A bit of a wasted day today

Today’s day was wasted and I don’t mean that in the good old sense of the word! We were on our way to Sensational Kids when Bethie started to look a bit pale, followed by falling asleep. Beth never falls asleep unless she’s not feeling well so the alarm bells began to chime. We were nearly there though so I thought I’d see how she went. She seemed ok with Melinda, a bit floppy but still doing her work ok. At the end of the session though we went to the toilet and without being too graphic I realised that indeed, Beth did have a tummy ache. She seemed to feel a bit better after that but as Rod pointed out, it wasn’t good to push her if she wasn’t feeling well as we wouldn’t know if she was sick or playing up. What a bugger, I was so looking forward to todays session too as Beth was in fine form this morning. Of course she’s now watching Monsters Inc as if nothing is wrong. And she hasn’t been to the toilet since we got home.

Yesterday we went to the movies again. Beth is clearly well and truly over her fear of movies. This time we went to see How to Train Your Dragon. Amanda came along with her boys again and we picked up Will to take him as we promised to take him out for his birthday. I wasn’t sure how he would go as most of his issues are sensory related. I suggested to Bec that perhaps we took ear muffs to help dull the sound but he didn’t want to take them. I needn’t have worried though, him and Bill sat through it with no problems at all. We went for coffee and iced chocolates afterwards and he declared it the ‘thousandth millionth best movie’ he’d even seen! I love an appreciative guest! He’s such a gorgeous boy. When we were lining up for the tickets Will and Bill were sitting waiting, each with one leg crossed over, chatting away to each other. They were like little old men.

Bec came to pick him up just after lunchtime. She had some exciting news for Will as she’d just had her ultrasound and found out that her baby is a boy. Will was so pleased as he already has a little sister.

In the afternoon we headed over to Bev and John’s to pick up their keys as they’ve taken a trip to the UK and Europe. Half their luck! I think it’s great that they’ve gone, John’s wanted to go to Ireland for years as his heritage is Irish. They’re going on a bus tour around the British Isles, back to London for 4 days, then another bus trip around Europe. I’ll miss them though, especially Bev as I speak to her every day on the phone at least once. I’m very lucky, most people don’t like their mother in law much and we’re more like best friends. They’ve been fantastic with the kids but Bev and I have done things together too, like a quilting course and a pottery workshop. I’m sure they’ll have a wonderful time.

I’m off to my art class tonight. My friend Tiff is teaching a few of us with oil pastels and I’m loving it. I can’t stress enough how important it is to have something in your life that is independant of being a mother and wife. Irrespective of issues we have with Beth’s autism I still found that I lost myself somewhere along the way having 3 children. I love that I now have something that I can do for myself. I know that it’s not always easy to find the time or the money to do this but it might be something as simple as reading a book. One that isn’t about autism! Just absorbing yourself into a fantasy novel can sometimes give you the respite you need, something that is so very important. I’m lucky that I have that opportunity now that Bridie is at school too. And believe me, I’m luvvin it! Here’s a photo of my latest artwork.

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2 Responses to A bit of a wasted day today

  1. Shelley says:

    Hi Sarah, I really like your piece of art work. When I was going through the blog I thought it was the cover of a book or a piece from an art show. Little did I realise it was your own work. Now I know where Beth gets her artistic talent from. She is able to do some really good drawings when she wants. She’s very good with detail. All her Mr Men and Power Puff girls have all the right shape and colour.
    Well only two more sleeps and your time is your own. See you soon. Shelley

  2. Sarah says:

    Hi Shelley, thanks, yes I’m really enjoying my art classes. Beth is very good with her drawing isn’t she, right down to the freckles on the Mr Mens! I am looking forward to school going back, you’re probably not though! See you on Monday, Love Sarah xxx

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